She lived with a secret that wasn’t her’s anymore, and the other died taking it to the grave.

She was never close to her twin sister, they both were different in every way possible where Ursula likes to go to the parties, have drinks,  Veronica loves to sit in her room and read romance novels all day and was very much a reserved girl. I wouldn’t say that they both hated eachother but it was more like Veronica hated Ursula for acting like a spoiled rich brat when they werent that rich but were just a simple middle class family. One day their parents made Veronica got to one of Ursula’s party as they were worried that veronica might end up lonely with her books.

About an hour later they had a huge fight because of Veronica wanted to go home early and both of them went out of the room crashing the door behind them .Ursula’s friends were already drunk and wanted someone to drive them home ,so when they found her sitting in the car without a second thought they all got seated and starting thanking her for being there and all the other things a drunk person would say, she felt a little uncomfortable them talking to her but drove anyway and thats when it happend, someone walked straight in front of their car and got hit by it, but when they all came to see who it was they became pale and were terrified as if they had seen a ghost but it was nothing less than it, it was her twin sister veronica, on the road with blood flowing all over to the wheels. They thought it would be useless to report her anyways because shes dead and would ruin their whole career so they decided to bury her and never talk about this again, She told her parents about her mistake and everyone agreed on doing this.

Two months later. ” Hey you were not like this since when did you start reading books and dont drink at parties” said one of ursula’s friend,  ” I’m not gonna fight with you because I already know that you are the worst person to notice things right in front of you”  she says and puts the phone down. ” you still miss her?” askes her dad coming in, ” I’M TRYING MY BEST TO BE HER DAD BUT I’M JUST NOT, I CANNOT BE , NEVER , WHILE EVERYONE THINKS IM URSULA LITTLE DO THEY KNOW IM NOT I CAN NEVER BE HER. IT WAS A MISTAKE SITTING IN HER CAR THAT DAY” Veronica shouts at her dad trying to stop her tears from coming out . Her dad phone pings he sees the news and stares at it for a while before saying ” Someone found a body of 20 yr old girl named UR….UR.. URSULA near the lake while digging a hole to bury their dog”. ” BUT THATS NOT WHERE I BURRIED HER!” she replied.