Back then when i was still a child , we were told that this village is a very mysterious place . It has a lot of hidden secrets . we were even prohibited to talk about a lot of these . one of these was the story of tree that bloomed at night . The tree that was being talked about was standing at the middle of a forest situated in the outskirts of village . the jungle was so confusing in it itself that if a person enters it in daylight , it was difficult for someone who’s unfamiliar to get out of it . 

This tree was apparently possesed by a  Brahmarakshas who was living in it for more than 300 years . Brahmarakhshas as per the stories of my village elders are mostly forgiving and kind and usually do not affect harm others .It is believed that in the night when the tree blooms in the night , it gives out a fragrance inhaling which a human can see things of the other world but not everyone is able to handle that power so it is advised to not go to that place . 

I have heard story of Murli kaka who used to see things and helped people in  need . He told us that when he inhaled that fragrance  , he suddenly felt like he is in a field of roses and lilies and started seeing the doors of heaven and slowly it started fading right in front of his eyes . It all became black and then when he opened his eyes he was able to see things that cannot be described as the things of this world . 

He was startled at first but then he realised that he was the chosen one and with great power comes great responsibility as well .  another man wanted to acquire the same power from the tree but due to his greed he not only lost his eyes but also his limbs and his face got disfigured as well .

This does not ends here , it still exist and Murli kaka still helps people . would you dare to linger into that fragrance ?