Sisel stood in a corner watching the cheerful people around her dancing to the American beats with glasses in their hands. She swayed her head from left to right, trying to find someone involved in something else but couldn’t. Until her eyes could stretch, people danced, sang, and drank.

Dejected, she pulled her dress lower. She didn’t want to attend the party in the first place, but her mother forced her. Her words, “This is how you will behave?”
 “Mom, but I don’t like such things.”
“Yes, I very well know what you like. Sitting in this room, reading these nonsense books the whole day and roaming with your stupid friends at night.”

“How can you say that! Yes, I enjoy reading, is it something wrong? And I chill with my friends at night. You also know I go to the park for fresh air.”

“And what good it brings?”

“It gives me peace, happiness, satisfaction, and energy to carry on with life.”

“Oh shut up, these poetic words, that’s all you have learned from these stupid books,” she grabbed the book from her hand.

“Mom, return that back to me.”

“Listen, Sisel, you are my daughter — Mrs Brown, one of the fashionista of the city. Live to my esteem. You are going today to the party and don’t spoil my reputation. I will send you a dress and driver till night.”

“But Mom! I don’t fit in there!”

“You definitely will. You are my daughter,” and she left the room.

Sisel exhaled, recalling her mother’s words. She thought to himself, “Yes, I am her daughter, but I can differ in traits. Why she thinks I like what she liked, I love how she lived, and I desire what she desired.”

The volume increased in the background, and Sisel moved across the pool to suppress the sound.

“Hey, you are Mrs Brown’s daughter, right?”
“Yes, hello, myself Sisel Brown.”
“Oh, hello darling,” she immediately hugged her, “nice to meet you.”
She was confused. Neither she knew the woman nor did she know how to react.
“Do you recognise me?”
“Ahhh…” she smiled awkwardly, thinking, “Have I even met her before?”
“Oh, no problem, no problem. I can understand it had been a long time since we met last. Myself, Rosy, Rosy Bieber. Your mother and I are full-time shopping enthusiasts. We never miss a new or trendy collection in the market.”
“Oh hello, nice meeting you.”
“Nice meeting you too dear, I must say this dress looks gorgeous on you. The light green colour, the shimmer, and the pearl jewellery are so on the spot. You have your mother’s taste.”She wanted to say it was her mother who decided the outfit—but thought better not.

The waiter came from the side. “Would you like something, ma’am?”
“Yes, sure,” and Mrs Rosy picked a wine glass.
“No, thanks,” Sisel replied
.“What! Mrs Rosy’s daughter’s empty-handed. No, no, no, it doesn’t suit you! Take,” she picked up another wine glass and handed it to her.

She took it but she had never drank before. She was starting at the glass with a great desire to keep it down, but her mother’s words, “Live to my reputation,” stopped her.

“Drink, drink, don’t be shy,” she pushed the glass into her mouth. She sipped once, twice, thrice, before Mrs Rosy let her go. Instantly struggling to swallow, she couldn’t bear it. Still, she forced a smile on her face and said, “Nice meeting you. Will take your leave now.”
“Yes sure, dear. Will meet again.” She smiled and ran from there towards the exit. But she has to cross the dance floor before she could leave this party!

Coughing, she skids into the crowd, trying to avoid people as much as she can. Still, she bumped into a lady, “I am sorry,”
“No problem. Hey, you are Sisel, right? What a pleasant surprise!” she said with a big smile.
“Hello,” she replied slowly.
“You look fantastic, totally like your mother. Confident, bold, yet elegant at the same time. Come, darling, dance with us.”
She wanted to shout, “NO! NO!” but her mother’s face came before her eyes and she started dancing with the ladies.

After 10 minutes of useless movement, she couldn’t tolerate it anymore. She moved her eyes towards the lady, busy swaying with the beat followed by the lot. She walked to her. “Nice meeting you. I will take your leave now,” she said, forcing a smile on her face and trying to remain as calm as possible.

“Please say yes!” she prayed.
“Yes, sure Sisel. Will see you soon.”
“Thank you,” and she ran towards her car.

Opening the gate, she sat inside instructing the driver, “Drive home.” As the car started moving away, she relaxed.

She sat back, recalling how tensed she had been in the last few hours. Though it was a party, she couldn’t enjoy it. How desperately she wanted to run from there and put off these jewels! “Why Mom didn’t understand, I don’t like these parties. It’s her style, not mine. Yes, I am her daughter, but I have my own traits. I can differ from her. Why she forces me to be what she likes? What about my wishes? My liking? My dreams? My aspirations?”

“Ma’am, we have reached.”

She stepped down from the car with a headache and a feeling of drowsiness. Barely able to walk, she pushed herself towards the room. Hardly she seated herself then her mother entered the room.

“You came. How was the party?”
“It was fine,” she wanted to say worst, but she was not in a state to fight
.“What you did there?”
“Stood for some time, then met Mrs Rosy, had a drink, then danced with a lady and left.”
“Oh, you met Mrs Rosy. Nice, she is a wonderful lady. Whom else?”
“I don’t know her name. She knew me, but I didn’t.”
“And these are your manners? You wouldn’t even ask a lady who she is?”
“I was not feeling well.”
“I know, I know, how can you feel well at a place picked by your mom! Totally want to do the opposite of whatever I say. I am fed up with you. I really wish I had a better daughter,” and she left, slamming the door behind her.

Sisel lay on the bed, sobbing heavily. She did all of this to make her mother happy and instead of seeing a smile on her face; she received criticism.


  1. Ayushi Dwivedi

    The story “A Thursday” is a relatable and emotional tale about the struggle of a young girl to fit into the expectations of her mother. The author has captured the emotions and thoughts of the protagonist, Sisel, beautifully, making the readers empathize with her throughout the story. The story highlights the importance of understanding and respecting individual choices and aspirations. The dialogues are realistic and add depth to the characters. The ending leaves the readers with a sense of sadness and longing for a better understanding between the mother and daughter. Overall, the story is well-written and thought-provoking, making it a must-read for anyone who has ever felt the pressure to conform to the expectations of others.

  2. Shairin Pawar

    The story ‘A Thursday’ is a poignant and relatable coming-of-age story that explores the struggle of a young woman named Sisel Brown to find her own identity in the shadow of her mother’s expectations. The narrative delves into themes of conformity, parental pressure, and the pursuit of individuality, making it a thought-provoking read. The prose in the story is engaging, capturing the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The descriptive language vividly paints the scenes, allowing readers to immerse themselves in Sisel’s world and empathize with her emotions. The dialogue between characters feels authentic and adds depth to their interactions, further enhancing the storytelling. The author has portrayed Sisel’s internal conflict as she grapples with her mother’s insistences. Through Sisel’s character, the author effectively conveys the universal struggle faced by many individuals who yearn to break free from societal expectations and forge their own paths. One of the highlights of the story is the exploration of the mother-daughter relationship. The tension and misunderstandings between Sisel and her mother are portrayed with sensitivity, highlighting the complexity of familial dynamics. This aspect invites readers to reflect on the importance of communication and understanding in fostering healthy relationships. The story also effectively tackles the pressures faced by young individuals to conform to societal expectations. Sisel’s struggles at the party and her eventual decision to assert her own desires and aspirations serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself, even in the face of external pressures. The story explores themes of identity, conformity, and the pursuit of personal happiness. The book serves as a reminder that true fulfillment comes from embracing one’s individuality and following one’s own dreams.