In the distant future, the Nebuloria galaxy has fallen under the control of advanced robotic beings known as Automatons. Their oppressive reign has inflicted a devastating blow to the Astrovarians, the inhabitants of Astralis Planet. The majority of the Astrovarians have been eradicated by the Automatons, some have been enslaved, and the rest are forced into hiding.

According to an ancient legend, the only hope for saving the Nebuloria Galaxy lies in the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. The sacred knowledge of this dance has been safeguarded by Aria, a brilliant Astrovarian scientist and devoted follower of Shiva, who has always been captivated by the ancient scriptures and sought to protect her people.

Through a combination of scripture and technological prowess, Aria creates an artificial intelligence named God’s Eye. This extraordinary AI possesses the ability to detect cosmic activities across not only the universe but also multiple parallel dimensions.

One fateful night while engrossed in her work, Aria notices that God’s Eye has been activated, sensing cosmic movements. She bears witness to the mesmerizing rhythms of Shiva’s dance, which have the power to create, preserve, and destroy entire universes.

Overwhelmed by both awe and trepidation, Aria transforms the AI into a set of lenses, donning them to gain a deeper understanding of the dance. She dedicates herself to tireless practice, secluding herself within her hidden laboratory, day and night.

The Automatons, in their relentless pursuit, eventually track down Aria’s location. However, by that time, she has become a master of the cosmic dance. With graceful movements and harmonious rhythms, she performs the dance, unleashing a wavelength that obliterates every last Automaton in the galaxy. Sadly, the immense power of the dance claims Aria’s life as well.

The galaxy remains oblivious to the true nature of the Automatons’ demise, knowing only that an Astrovarian saved them using an enigmatic AI tool.

Centuries pass, and the scars of war begin to heal on the Astralis planet. Compassion and kindness permeate the atmosphere once again. Astralis reclaims its former beauty, reminiscent of the time before the Automatons seized control.

In this transformed world, a young boy named Kanav stumbles upon a seemingly ordinary lens in a field. Unbeknownst to him, this lens is, in fact, God’s Eye, and the malevolent forces that once plagued the galaxy may once again rise to power.