One day in June, I was playing in the fields with some of my friends as usual. It was a fine summer day, the sky was clear and everything looked so peaceful. There were fruit trees and flowers blooming all around us. They filled the air with their fresh and beautiful smells (fragrances). And the enchanting singing and twittering of birds added magic to the whole atmosphere.

My friends and I played all kinds of games and were having real time.Soon when began to get dark, we decided to race back our houses in the village down the river. The road was clear and quiet, except for our laughing and singing, joyfully.

My house was the farthest, so I had to walk alone for the remaining distance. I thought I’d better take the short-cut through the cornfield, although it was darker there with no kind of illumination. But I did not mind. After all, I was never afraid of the dark.Even my friends used to call me “Brave Heart”, which made me feel really proud and self-confident. I decided that the light of the full moon which shone that night was enough.

As l was finding my way through the corn, had a strange feeling I was being followed. I looked around, but I saw nothing. I started off again and this time I heard some footsteps behind me. I turned around swiftly and was shocked to see a pair of bright, shining round eyes staring me in the dark. Then I realized it was a wolf. I got terrified and started shaking and trembling.I was confused and didn’t know what to do. The wolf was going to attack me for sure, I thought. But my surprise, it stood still, then bent its forelegs and began crying as if it needed my help. I found it was a good chance for me to escape, so I ran off as fast as I could, screaming and shouting for help. I do not recall being that fast before in my life.

Next thing I know is that I am knocking hard on the door of the house and calling my mother open up. As soon as I saw my mother’s face, threw myself into her arms and cried. She held me tight, then she asked what the matter was. I gathered my wits together and told her what I had seen. She tried to reassure me yet she concerned and worried. “Never mind my child. It’s all right. You’ll be safe, now that you’re here with me. No harm will come to you.” My mother’s kind voice and sweet words made me feel safe again. Afterwards, she tucked my bed, kissed me goodnight and wished me sweet dreams, I closed my eyes and was soon fast asleep.

I woke up next morning to the sound of a scream. I panicked and ran down the stairs to see what it was was. Our front door was open and my mother was standing at the door-step. I asked her what was up. But she did not reply. I tried to look from behind her. She shouted at me and asked me to get into the house. But I insisted on finding out what made her scream. It was the wolf Had seen the previous day in the cornfield. It was lying on our porch, moaning, and bleeding. I felt sorry for it. My feelings of fear turned to sympathy and pity for the poor creature. I knelt beside and caressed its cold and trembling body as tears ran down my face.

Although the wolf and I did not speak each other’s language, I still felt there was some kind of communication between us. The poor wolf had been injured and needed my help the other night. It meant no harm. But I did not realize that I thought it was going to attack me. I was blinded by fear. I saw nothing but the wild beast and ignored the fact that it needed my help to recover.

It was not long before the wolf stopped moaning and trembling. It had lost a lot of blood, it couldn’t make it. it had passed away forever, if only I had done something to help him, would have been alive.

“Lie peacefully, dear wolf…

And please, please forgive me.

I promise I will never forget you,

nor forget my humanity ever again.”