It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and Riya was really tired after her study tour with her friends. This was not her impression about college life. She wanted to explore new places ,food, travel a lot ,meet new people and gain new experiences in life but now Riya felt like she was caged in a jail and the keys of the cage were thrown in some haunted well. She was shattered and hopeless, but on the contrary she loved her course. Architecture can be explored in many ways but her college chose the same old sit in the class and mug up method and Riya was fed up with it after her long school life.

Riya was ready to go back to her boring hostel when her classmate Ginny came up with the idea of going to the Arts college. Riya had never been to that college other than see it from the other part of the road , so she considered it to be a good option than sleeping in her hostel. Both of them set out to the college and entered the art studio. The college had a spectacular vibe and aesthetics that just took their breath away Ginny was so excited and started taking a lot of pictures meanwhile Riya was observing the beauty of that campus.

After entering the art studio what Riya saw was just mindblowing. There were a lot of canvases with beautiful oil paintings drawn by the students of that campus who were just the same age as that of them. It was hard for them to acknowledge their talent but after seeing their works Riya and Ginny felt proud of these students.

After going through a lot of studios they saw a bunch of students working on a painting. Ginny started speaking to them and was already a friend of them. At that time Riya saw a guy painting ,he looked really handsome and his painting was really awesome. She was about to point out that guy to Ginny when she told her that the guy was dumb and deaf. Riya was astonished! she didn’t know how to respond and was silent for a few seconds when that guy looked at her and smiled. It was the the most beautiful and genuine smile she had seen in the past few months of her life and she smiled back at him. Riya was so happy on that day and she admired that man so much that she wanted to tell him that he is a great artist!

Riya reached her hostel with a smiling face and an eyes filled with hope and she told to herself “If he can do it ,then I can rock it”