Don’t know why I’ve been here for so long

Even when I knew this is not where I belong

Don’t know where I’m going wrong

And got so tired of staying strong

I now live in a lonely zone

stop myself from reaching the throne

Forgot all the love I’ve been shown

And turned my heart into a useless stone

There are people like me in every clique

But you don’t notice

You don’t notice the tears that roll down our cheeks

And the fear that makes us weak

Seeing people looking at us and laughing within

Made us build an unbreakable wall in between

We’ve been through a world which they’ve never seen

But still we never tell them they are too mean

I sometimes wonder

Why we feel low at times

Is it due to our wrong imagination

Or due to lack of motivation

But no!

Its all because of the demons

The demons in our head come from nowhere

And drive us here into this kind of despair

I know sometimes I and many of us may feel insecure

And somehow learnt to endure

But not anymore!

All we need to do now is stay calm

So that we can lessen the harm

Engage in things instead of being alone

So we don’t turn into a maleficent of our own

One should learn to confess to oneself

Else the things will start to possess

Accepting and healing is hard

And so is suffering

Brain manipulation can only give us temporary motivation

So this should be a self process I guess

No other person can really help to remove this distress

The strength to change is within

It’s all about the courage we have and the efforts we put….