My son was doing nothing. What could we have done?

“how do you like the girl? Avram asked his friend. I already have done the investigation from head to toe regarding this relation, I have told you about this. Instead, you people should tell me what is your opinion?” said my friend.

Chiayi took the side of her husband, “Listen, brother, she belongs to our city and if we said something else then you will feel that we are taking her side again”.

The ceremony of first you – first you continued. In the end, Avram took a conversation to a stable state, “Every boy has wishes regarding his marriage life. He always wants that his in-laws should stay happy and prosperous. He wants his upcoming bride family members to have all the long and lustrous cars and other automobiles, but did the bride family members had all this?”

“If in case they don’t have all this, does it matter? We had all this”, said the boy.

‘That means you have no problem regarding this.’ “I made it all because I want to listen to it from your mouth that you agree with this RELATION and you really like it,” said Avram while giggling aloud.