In all kinds of friends, there would be a guy with a pomp and show character. This is also a story of a group of friends, in which one of the guy is of Pomp and Show character.


A Pomp and Show Friendship

Chapter 1: Friends Indeed

There were four friends whose names were Kumar, Eswar, Dharani, and Naveen. They were studying Mechanical Engineering. It was their final year.
Kumar, Eswar, and Dharani belonged to middle-class families, Whereas Naveen belonged to High class.

Though they were friends, there was always a materialistic difference of Opinion between them.

Those were the days of their last exams of their final semester.

It was a Sunday and Naveen had gone to his hometown near Gudiyattam.

Kumar, Eswar, and Dharani were at their apartment spending their Sunday.

Kumar said, “When will Naveen return man?”

Eswar said, “Tomorrow morning”

Kumar asked, “He is a kind of Pomp and Show guy”

Dharani said, “Yes, I accept that”
Eswar said, “We should do something, which he should never forget in his life”

Kumar said, “I have an idea, but I don’t know whether you people will accept it or not?”
Eswar said, “Yes, tell me, we will see”

Kumar said, “How about stealing his mobile phone?”
Eswar said, “Yes, it is a good idea”

Dharani said,”mmm…but how are you going to do it, anytime he will be with his mobile phone”

Kumar said, “Tomorrow, first half is the exam, second half we don’t have any exam”

Eswar asked, “So?”

Kumar said,” After the exams, he will come and sleep in the room”

Dharani said, “Yes, that time we can loot his mobile phone”
Eswar asked, “But, where will you hide it?”

Kumar said, “After looting it, we will switch it off”

Eswar said, “But we cannot hide it in our apartment “

Dharani said, “Yes, we cannot, I have a suggestion in that case”
Kumar said, “Yes tell me”

Dharani said,” I will do watch keeping here”

Dharani added, “Do you know, there is a small bushy area beyond the railway track”
Eswar said, “Yes it is around 1.5 km from here”

Dharani said, “Yes, you people take the mobile phone there “

Kumar asked, “What to do with it there?”

Dharani said, “You please dig a hole in the ground and bury it in the ground.

Dharani added, “You please keep some place marker there and come back”

Eswar said, “Great idea man, after two or three days, we can take it out”

Kumar said, “Great plan, we will execute it”

Eswar said, “Yes, we will”

Chapter 2: The Theft

The next day, as expected Naveen returned from his Hometown.

They all went to the exam and wrote their exam together.

Naveen was ignorant of the incident which is going to happen.

After the exam, they returned to their canteen and had food together.

They completed their lunch and came to their apartment.

Naveen changed his clothes and went to sleep.

The other three also pretended to be going to sleep.

But they were awake.

By afternoon 2.45 p.m., Kumar, Eswar, and Dharani woke up.

Kumar went near Naveen and ensured that he is sleeping.

Then he took his mobile phone.

Immediately he switched it off and put it in his pocket.

As planned, Kumar and Eswar moved from the room in a slow manner.

Dharani went back to bed and pretended to sleep.

The theft happened in a pin drop silence.

Both of them went and executed the plan.

Kumar and Eswar returned to the Room by 4 O clock.

Naveen was still sleeping.
They also went back to bed.
At 5 O Clock, Naveen woke up. At that time, all the others were sleeping.

He searched for his mobile phone and was not able to find it.
He searched here and there and was not able to find it.

He woke up all the others.
Naveen asked,”Hey friends, My Mobile phone is missing”
Kumar exclaimed, “What? Missing, how is that possible?”
Eswar asked, “How man?”

Dharani astonished, “No way, not at all possible, please search all the rooms”

Naveen searched all the rooms and he could not find his mobile phone.

Tears started flowing from his eyes.

The three friends also searched with him, but of no use.

Chapter 3: Returning Home

After 4 days, Naveen was returning to his home again.

Without the mobile phone, he managed to talk to his home through public telephone booths.

But, the pain never reduced from his heart.

While going on the bus, a stranger sat next to him.

The Stranger was looking at the sad face of Naveen.

The stranger asked, “Sir, Why are you looking sad?”

Naveen said, “I lost my mobile phone”

The stranger asked,” Oh, I am sorry”

Naveen said,” I don’t have any clue”

The stranger asked,”Oh, which place you missed it?”

Naveen said, “In my apartment”

The stranger asked,” are you staying alone?”

Naveen said, “No, I am staying with my friends”

The stranger asked, “When did it miss?”

Naveen said, “While I was sleeping”

The stranger said, “Your friends were awake or sleeping at that time?”

Naveen said, “Sleeping”

The stranger asked, “Why don’t you suspect them?”

Naveen said, “They are good people”

The Stranger said, “You fool, nowadays you can’t trust anybody”

Naveen said, “Whatever it is, I lost my mobile phone, it was a gift from my father”

Tears came out of Naveen’s eyes.

The stranger said,”Ok, anyways, be careful”

Naveen said, “I will, hereafter”

The stranger said,”Ok my place has come, I have to get down”

Naveen asked,”Oh, It was nice talking to you, what is your name?”

The Stranger said,’’My Name is Sharath, Bye, Take care”

Naveen said,”Bye sir”