A conservative Indian household, an average girl child who is not allowed to have her life decisions, a tough picture to draw but not so uncommon in the recent events of education system and growing unemployment everywhere. Thought to be a child prodigy but didn’t turn out so is my story. I used to be a good student till I reached puberty when things started a little “not so planned for my parents”.

When I was in class 9, I was sent to hostel far away from home so that I could focus on my studies and for a time being it really worked till class 10. Got above 90%, something which every average girl of my age dream of. But my parents never thought of that way. They didn’t think it was well enough. Like who would make them understand that 10th standard certificate is nothing but a “Date of birth” verification certificate and nothing else. For 11, I was sent to pursue Medical when all along I loved subject math’s. All my life I was told what to do and what not to do. Never was I asked what I would love to do. As expected, it didn’t turn out well and I didn’t get selected. I turned to B.sc for my higher studies and had my head wrapped around the idea that “Ok, this may be something which I can find my peace with”. But of course, it will never be as you wish to be. After all this is India, where parents are bound to meddle with your life until you are married and out of their hair strand. So, the same happened. One day out of the blue my father wanted me to pursue MBA. I must tell you preparing for MBA is no joke. You have to be well versed in English, quants, and data interpretation. Also, it needs preparation of at least 9-10months. And I had only 4months of preparation plus my college preparations, assignments. I didn’t get selected to the IIMs in my running year so I opted for next year. But the meddling never stopped there. Now they want me to continue with my B.sc and study for M.sc, as they learnt from somewhere that MBA is not for students from biology background. Thus imagine my dilemma.

Now from my story I wanted to portray that you have got to take the steering wheel of your life. You have got to have your dream. Or else someone else will try snatch your life and take control. Maybe they are your well wishers but they are not “know it all” or God. You have to know what you want to do and go for it. Don’t turn up like me. I was never taught to dream. I was never taught to build my personality myself. Don’t get lost, cause this world is way worse when you don’t have control of your career and life. You are always allowed to make mistakes, taking one or two bad decisions. But those mistakes are yours to make not your parents or someone else claiming to have knowledge about everything.