Disappointed and discouraged, Raj decides to put an end to his life. Will he live on to find out that life is much more beyond failing? Will his father Rajesh realize the missing thing in the father-son relationship? What will they do? 


Standing at the very corner of the building with tears streaming down his eyes Raj thought to himself-“I’m very sorry dad! I haven’t been able to fulfill your lifetime dream.” He left the wall he held onto for support.

Thud! Came the sound. There was a sound of broken bones and blood seemed to flow everywhere. What followed were the murmuring of the crowd and sound of the ambulance. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Upon hearing the news, Rajesh couldn’t believe his ears.” What on earth could have gone wrong? No, it must be someone else with the same name”, he thought to himself.  He immediately rushed to the hospital.

It indeed was true. It was his very own son. The doctor said that he is very lucky and is out of danger.

Rajesh was sitting beside Raj’s bed. His eyes were bloodshot red because of crying all the night. What happened would always be a dark nightmare in his life. He was at the very brink of losing his one and only son. Had he lost him, he couldn’t even imagine what would have happened to him.

Rajesh remembered the first time when Raj was a small baby; he took him into his own hands carefully. Raj, with his little finger, held onto his finger. He felt like Raj shall fulfill his incomplete dream, his dream of becoming an engineer. As Raj grew up, he provided him with the best in everything. He sent him to the best school and tried to give him the best education possible.

He believed Raj had everything he wanted but he never realized there was something going amiss in their relationship.

He realized now that he never tried to know what Raj really wanted. That he was only forcing his dreams onto Raj. Alas! These were the consequences.

With time Raj recovered.

Rajesh one day sat beside him and said-“Son, knowingly or unknowingly we have become those over competitive parents who always wanted their son to excel at everything.  I have never realized that I am forcing my opinions and choices on you never thinking once what you wanted.”

Wiping his tears Rajesh further said -“But son, why did you never talk to us? Was committing suicide much easier than talking to us and sorting things out? Did we make things that hard for you?”

With tear filled eyes Raj answered-“No dad, no. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I should have fought such feelings. It was a bad decision taken in a rush. I was just disappointed and depressed that I couldn’t stand up to your expectations. I felt like I can never face you. “

Rajesh then said- “Raj! Always remember this; nothing ever could be more precious than life, either for you or for us. Be a fighter son. Never ever give upon life.”

Raj nodded and with a tear filled eyes and a small smile on his face, he hugged his father.

Raj said “Believe me, dad! I shall never give up, never ever again. After going through so much, I have learned my lesson; there are far worse things than failing.”

That was the beginning of a new phase, a rekindled faith on life, a rekindled faith on himself  and most importantly a rekindled faith that his parents are and were a great pillar of strength to him.  It was also a new phase for Rajesh in the process of becoming a better parent.