“I am just fed up , Cilia,”,” I don’t want to live now,” cried Christopher,an autistic,15 year old boy to his sister.


He is a Precocious boy with a genius mind and is brilliant in Mathematics and physics. He loves to explore new things and is a lot involved in solving mysterious cases. He was 10 when his mother,Jennifer left them unexpectedly but the kids were informed that there mother died because of a car accident and even the dead body vanished as no results of accident and the body was found after the due search.

Christopher lived with his little sibling Cilia, and his father John.

His father worked as a deputy sales manager in a construction agency and hence earns very less because of which his mother Jennifer had to work in their neighbour’s dance school as a dance teacher.Their neighbour, Robert William,a very generous friend of John and their family.Robert’s wife died years back and they had left her son,Alex who also died a week before Christopher’s mother Jennifer died or disappeared !


That day, In the liabrary,

“Don’t worry brother, Everything would be all right, you would be able to solve it, WE WOULD DEFINETLY FIND OUR MOTHER ! “, cried Cilia with a great exhemption. Tears rolled down her face and she felt disheartened.

” How can we solve this Cilia, Its totally confusing. I had never expected that such a secret is hidden in all the facts and we have to open up the book from the starting.”cried



This was about a month ago when its was their mother,Jennifer’s funeral. The priest had arrived.Jennifer’s close friends from her dance school had also arrived but there family friend Robert William was missing. Christ ran towards his house to call Mr. Williams.When he reached their,a blanket of silence surrounded him. There was no one in the main hall.His house looks like a art gallary,as,he loves to buy whatever he liked.He is very rich and is a reputed person in their town.

Christ called out his name,and then suddenly noticed a garden fork in their kitchen. It was strange to see a garden fork lying like that in the kitchen.Christ thought for a while,but could not link it completely.May beacause Uncle Robert was’nt well,the staff had kept the fork their.

Actually after Alex’s death ,Robert William had disturbed himself a lot.He had missed his son very much.In order to feel calm and be busy with work he had travelled a lot.

When Christ moved towards Robert’s room he saw that Robert was sleeping on his bed and few pictures were lying on the bed.After looking the pictures Christ could not believe his eyes.

He was completely astonished to see his mother Jennifer’s picture with Robert’s son Alex.

He felt numb for a long while and was not able to connect anything. Then he suddenly realized of the funeral and went away.

Later, in a few days his dad lost his job due to recession and Robert, being a family friend,gave job to John in his own company.

Christ completely forgot what he had seen in Robert’s place.

One day while returning from home from school,Christ met with an accident with an elderly lady.He was on his biscycle and a lady fell because his biscycle got stuck in a channel.Since the lady got injured,he felt it to be his duty,to take the lady for dressing. She cried “Jennifer” on call, Jennifer, Christ and Cilia’s mother.He suspected and his suspection proved right. It was his mother JENNIFER only. The lady had a wallpaper on his phone with his mother. He was completely shocked and confused.

Before he could react the lady left. He followed her but she walked briskly and moved from Christ’s eyes.

He told everything to Cilia. How he found their mother’s pictures with Alex and how that lady was talking to their mother.

Cilia also went crazy of listening all this. But she was not able to see his brother being so worried, hence she decided to go and meet the lady. She went to the hospital for details of the lady and found that she had written the address of a Catholic Church of Leonardo,Sewden. She went to the church but the prayers were going on. She waited outside so that she could see the lady which would be having an injury on left hand. After a long wait the lady came out with a group.She followed the lady but she boared a train from Leonardo to Thanderwood.

Cilia wondered why had she written wrong address in hospital records if she lived in Thanderewood.

Cilia had not told his brother that she had followed that lady. Next day again she followed her but that day after prayers the lady did’t came out. Cilia went in to see where had the lady gone and she saw the lady going upstairs. She followed her but meanwhile an unpleasent smell captured her and she became unconcious and fell down.After opening her eyes she found her in that lady’s room and the lady was cooking soup for her. After awakening Cilia cried,” How can i be here?? Who are you?? ,” “I m Aunt Beth ,” the lady replied with a smile. She lifted the soup which she had prepared for Cilia and asked her to drink it which can break down the effect of the mosquito repelent spray which the church authority had sprayed.

Cilia was becoming curious and wanted to know what is the relation between the lady and Jennifer. She asked Aunt Beth about the her mother. “Do you know Jennifer,my mom?” Aunt Beth became very confused and nervously said,” I think you should leave now,your family must be teansed about you,” She was nervous what to say but cilia loudly asked her about her mom and said,”Why don’t you tell me about my mom ?,” “You have made my mom away from me and my family.. You are a mean lady!,” and she started crying. Seeing Cilia crying, she said,”Please don’t cry daughter,Jennifer is MY SISTER,MY SWEET LITTLE SISTER,she had faced so much tourcher from her husband,”and she also started crying. Cilia said ,”Dad had never said anything to mom What are you saying Aunt Beth??,” Aunt Beth cried,”Jennifer was not your mother daughter.. She was ROBERT WILLIAM ‘s WIFE snd ALEX’s MOTHER.! ”

What a thunderclap did Cilia faced. How could be his mother be Alex’s mother and Robert uncle’s wife. She was very confused and asked for the whole story.

The reality which shock Cilia from beneath was that, Robert whom they considered the best person in the world and the person who is there family friend is actually the main CULPRIT . He is the one who has done all that. 12 years ago when Christ was 3 and Cilia was not even complete 1 when there mother Roshell was killed by Robert. Jennifer loved Robert a lot but he only loved Money. He had never cared of Jennifer and his son Alex.

Once he was fighting with Jennifer he became very ruthless and because of that fight Roshell came to solve that and meanwhile Robert killed Roshell with a lampstand. Because of the fight,When John heard it,he came running and met an accident because of which he got a brain hamarage and forgot everything. He could was only knowing his family members but not their faces. Within seconds the two kids were without their family. Inorder to save himself Robert told Jennifer to live with the family,which she had never wanted but had to live because Robert had told that he would kill Alex. And then finally one day when she decided to tell every to John,Robert killed Alex with a garden fork and Jennifer left everything forever.

Listening all this Cilia could not believe. She went home and told everything to his brother. This was the real pain which the children faced.


They were sitting in there liabrary, when they were discussing all this.

Christ said,” I really don’t want to live Cilia. I want to die. We were living with a man who had ruined all our lives and we still cannot harm him because we don’t have proof. Also we had thought that Jennifer was our mother. Bt she’s not. Our mother had died years ago. Nd poor Alex he had lived for so many years without his mother.” Christ was crying badly. “Brother we are going to find our mom. Jennifer is our real mom. She had made us like this. She had always loved us. Cared for us. I really love my mom brother,” cried Cilia with sorrow.

“Yess we are going to find our mom. ! ” Christ said and decided the next day they would be going to meet Aunt Beth and request her to take them to their mom.

Next day the kids went to church and met Aunt Beth. They loved listening to the young life of there mother, how she had always been curious to know everything, how she loved cooking cookies and how she made a biggest mistake of her life by loving Robert.Aunt Beth had became sad bt then decided that she would be taking the kids to meet there mother.

That day was the best day of the kidz life. They happily went home. They even had a sound sleep that night after so long. Now the kids had finalized that everything would be good in their lives.

Next day very excitedly the kids went to see Aunt Beth. Outside the church, there was a big crowd of people standing. They got confused but did’t bothered. They asked the priest,” Father, we need to meet Aunt Beth” with a broad smile on their faces.

For a sec silence father exhempted and said,”She was a very kind lady and loved kids a lot. But unfortunetly she left us all alone.”

This made the kidz go deaf. They seriously cannot believe it. All of a sudden Aunt Beth DIED . This was seriously astonishing that the person they met last night is dead in the morning. Cilia started crying that there last hope to reach to there mother is also gone.

Christ decided to see Aunt Beth’s room because he was having many doubts in his mind. On searching the room very carefully he found the most important fact. There was a pocket cuff with RW as its initials. He wondered is RW -ROBERT WILLIAM but he cannot be sure of that. Both the kids felt helpless but then suddenly realised of Beth’s phone and called Jennifer. She did ‘nt picked up the phone but some Lady Alora picked and said that Jennifer had left for Leonardo az her sister had died. Learning this the kidz ran towards the station to meet there mother. On seeimg her for a while there was complete silence. They had met there mom after 5 years. Even Jennifer left like hugging the kidz immedietly but was not having courage. Suddenly the kids hugged her and there was a pleasent moment between the mother and children.

Christ told everything to Jennifer that they know everything now and that they doubt Robert had killed Aunt Beth too.

Jennifer decided that today they would be telling everything to John, and she left for funeral of Aunt Beth.

Kids were happy. Today they were going to tell everything to there father. They reached home.

On reaching there they found it was complete silence. The whole society was complete dark. Infact the gate of their house was open too. Seeing this the kidz became concious and wondered of there dad. When they reached their dad’s room,It was complete dark in the room.. There dad was sitting on the bed like a dead man.

The kids became nervous. They had many thoughts in their mind. Cilia started crying. She feared of what happened to dad.

Christ cried out,”Dad What happened to you? Why are you sitting like this? Are you ok dad… Please say something! ” and he shook his dad. His dad became alert and stood up.

“Everything is finished Christ, you don’t know anything. I know everything now. How can i be so fool. How can i let all this happen?” John said. Christ and Cilia became very confused. Christ asked,” What do you know dad, have you remembered everything? Dad please no need to take so much stress! ” Christ had became very upset. Then suddenly John cried out,” I won’t leave, I would kill kill ki..ll HER” Christ for a while became confused that what was his dad saying. “Dad what are you saying? Whom will you kill? ”

All this was confusing when John screemed loudly ,” that Jennifer, I’ll kill her. ”

“Robert had told me everything son, that how cleverly she killed your mother Roshell and then her own son.. And had left her helpless husband Robert alone. She is a mean lady. I’ll kill her.”

This was actually not true which the kids knew. They were madly confused. They told their dad that this was not true but he was not convinced and suddenly through that darkness Robert William appeared.He had that bitter smile on his face,which Cilia saw ans she screamed,”what all have you told our Dad? How dare you say a lie ?? ” You are very mean. “No Cilia I have not said a lie,I just said something which is important for you all to know.” and that bitter smile continued to stay on his face.

It was rediculous as there father was going mad by knowing the false truth, lie which he considered true.

Everything scattered like pyramid of cards falling with a simple blow. Robert had came in their life like that stormy wind which took away the happieness from their family.

They were helpless and then the saw the light of god, not literary the God came down but he send his beloved to save the children and their family from that evil demon who ruined there lives.

It was Jennifer, wearing raged clothes and blood all around her.She came in the scene and said,” you are sadly mistaken Robert, because you are wrong. You had killed everyone. My Alex, My sister Beth and also Roshell. You are a lier and you even tried to kill me! ” Robert became horrified to see Jennifer alive.John came near and said,” Why are you blaming this man who loved you so much! You should die Jennifer.” Jennifer tried to convince him and told him the whole story to which John asked Robert to tell the whole truth.

It was Robert whole laughed by this reaction and said,” You poor family, You people don’t have any proof against me. John it was me only who killed your wife,my own son and Jennifer’s old sister Beth. And it was me only who had tried to kill Jennifer today but she somehow saved herself. But never mind, now whole your family will be living with a guilt that even knowing the fact, you were not able to harm me.” And he laughed bitterly.

“Better luck next time my friend, or may be you won’t get next time! ” a voice came from outside and and the darkness went away. Their were the Cops,who caught Robert red-handedly.

They took Robert away and Robert was sentenced to hanged till death because he had ruined so many lives.


AFTER 4 YEARS eveything went well. There life had been beautiful. Both the kids had loved there mother a lot. There Dad had started his own business of Real Estates and Jennifer had started her dance school in their house itself.

They had started their life with a good blast and had forgotten Robert William, who created this MYSTERIOUS MURDER!!!! 😉