In a small town a man named parthu and his dog bruno .one day parthus neighbours daughter named priya went missing  and the parents of the girl are bothering about her they files a case in the police station the parents tells the police that she went to a birthday party last night and she said the traffic is heavy iam coming from a shortcut like no street lights like a forest thats the only shortcut from the forest which connects city and town.parthu knows the news and parthu starts to find her with his dog bruno.then parthu and his dog goes to the way and starts investigating no clues are found in the route he founds a kerchief and wallet and he tooks the hand kerchief and he give to the dog and ask to smell and dog smells it and it starts running and parthu follows the dog and they see that there is an illegal things happening drugs and they found the girl tied to the tree and parthu and dog  rescues the girl and the dog removes the ties of the girl and finds her phone and it gives to the girl and girl calls to police and she tells the police that i have seen them with drugs and illegal things so iam recording it then they kidnapped me and the dog saved me and the thing is parthu and priya are lovers parthu died long back due to accident dogs can see the souls so by these way parthu and the dog rescued the girl.