It is not necessary that every lo e story has a great end but the end does not make that love story less great. I still remembered the day I saw him for the first time. He was wearing a white T-shirt with a pair of denims and he looked like no less than a prince. That day I felt that fairy tales do exist and he was the man of my dreams. It was my first day in school and I was a shy enough to talk to him. He sat next to me for the whole day and every day would pass like this only he sat next to me and I stared him like a bimbo but never had courage to stand in front of him to talk to him. Due to my inferiority complexes I would just go mum in front of him.

It took almost half of year’s courage from my part to go to him and say at least HI! Slowly and gradually we became friends, good friends and then best friends. We started spending time together and it felt like a blossomy spring in Autumn season too. When we were together those moments felt like magical and the essence of those moments still remains the same pure and serene.

Finally, on one day I decided to confess my love to him and move a step ahead from this friendship. It was Christmas Eve and I grabbed all pieces of my courage and told him what was there in my heart. I straight away went to him, held his hand tightly and spoke to him my heart out. He was surprised and then came a heart stopping shock from him to me. He told me that he was shifting from the city to other one because of his father’s transfer  and he was going as soon as our final exams finished.

I was shattered and emotionally struck that how could he leave me so soon. I could not think anything except about him.

I could not believe that my love story has ended even before taking a start. I just got to know the feeling of love and now its over. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night and couldn’t talk to him for next few days followed by weeks. But one day I got up and talked to him to be friends as we were, who used to inspire me and that’s what made him more lovable.

Years have passed away neither I contacted him nor he tried to. We never met again but I always wish to him him one day and tell him that how much I loved him and still love him. I want to thank him for making me realize that what true loves is, it inspire me to move forward every day with a strong determination and a big smile. I always wanted to tell him that I would have managed to love him him the same away even if he was away from me.