It is an explicit fact that I have fallen in love with you. From the past, I don’t even know how long, a feeling has bonded my soul with your smile and without it, I barely breathe. Your every look at me with that twinkle in your eye and that grin on your face makes me fall more deeply in your love. I, my dear, am nothing as compared in front of you but a nugatory part of your life. Thoughts of spending every minute with you, I accept bring a wave of ardor through me but they also bring tears to my eyes as I know that what I seek will never be found. Your every touch unriddle my doubts about the god and its creation in the universe. Well, some find me funny where others think of me as a piece of junk trying to sew the words, to create a bridge between me and my failures but what I am my dear is a confusion and most of the times I also don’t give it many thoughts. My trifling existence is very much balanced on your thoughts and your voice. Every time we meet and the movement of your lips occurs and you speak in your beautiful voice to me my name, it beguiles me to think to take you as far as I can from this place of crooks and cracksman and proffer you my love, as your beatific smile stays where it belongs.

I, usually, sit around the corner as a melancholy wave hits me in the heart. A moment with tears I spend like they are my only friends who take my sadness so much into them that they fall due to its burden through my eyes. It is in this time my dear I miss you most. It is then when I want you to be holding my hand because then I can rest in peace with a smile on my face and believing that my search of your unimaginable existence has come to an end, but my dear, I know that my soul will never rest in peace and will roam on the banks of Ganges, chanting the name of Ram and Krishna and my love will never end as it is innocuous for you in every single way and god forbid if you ever sit around the corner and wish someone to hold your hand, I will be there taking your sorrow on mine and dropping from your eyes saying you a goodbye.