2016 was a year as the others, a mixed bag of lessons,  smiles,  tears,  love.  So here is a letter from the old me to the new me reminding her of the lessons learnt,  the things lost, and the encouragement to move on.  

Dear the 2016 2017 me,

Oops! Sorry. Please don’t let that make you feel that you are any less welcome. It’s just that 2016 felt so long and never ending, that towards the end I had finally started accepting it and to be frank it felt quite homely. But enough about it; you certainly have no idea how eagerly I had been waiting for you. There were times I felt I could not just make it may be. But here we are! And in case no one told you, just know darling that I’m really proud of you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not really expecting you to be a whole new person, or an astronaut or an entrepreneur! I know a new year is basically just a change of date and things are more or less just the same. But, more than anyone I know that you have grown up in this last year and I’m happy just for that. I know that someday in the future when you will look back at me, you’ll be proud that I happened! And maybe you will be able to connect the dots then. So in this letter I would just like to remind you of a few things…..

Firstly, you must have been wondering why I spoke of growing up!   (You’re still 5’1. And stuck in the same place. Duh!) But honey the growth graph expands both vertically and horizontally. May be professionally you didn’t achieve much. But you grew up as a person. I know people can’t see it on the outside but I know of the revolt that has been taking place inside you; the little flame that you finally managed to ignite. I know how you have been nurturing it secretly. It feels good doesn’t it? The warmth in the cold heart after a long time? It’s your Deluminator. Remember the one Dumbledore left for Ron? And remember what he said?

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the Light!”

This flame shall be your Light. And it will guide you home. Back to yourself.

I hope you won’t be as afraid to be close to people as I am now. I hope you are not as afraid of love as I am now. Darling don’t be afraid to fall in love this year. Love doesn’t hurt. Trying to fit yourself into someone’s life at the wrong position does. So go ahead give love a few more chances. If not anything else, we will just end up with a few more characters to write stories about! What say? So can we strike a deal? But I have condition.

‘Love yourself a bit more.’

Stop craving for attention from people. Just sit silently sometimes. Try listening to what your inner self says. It really has been craving for your attention for quite some time now. It needs you more. Pamper yourself. Go out for the trips you planned. Walk on unknown lanes. She was there for you on those nights, remember? She needs you now. Have that extra piece of chocolate. Wear that black dress. You’ll have a whole new friend, you!

And here is a pinch of reality. People don’t care sweetheart. Stop bothering them with the crazy thoughts you have. But take it positively, maybe they too are busy sorting themselves out! But you don’t be one of them. Ok? Be there when someone needs you. Don’t advice. Just listen to them. That’ll be enough. I promise. But let me tell you a secret, there will always be help, ready whenever you need. All you have to do is just ask! People aren’t bad. No one is. We just meet them at the wrong time or at the wrong place. So if someone asks you not to cross oceans for people, just smile and walk. You know what? Cross oceans for them. Show them that magic exists and people don’t always ping when they need you. Show them that ‘good’ people exist. Be the ‘good’ for them.

Oh people!? I know what is going on in your mind. You left quite few of them back? I know. And I’m proud of you for that. I know it was tough and leaving them back in no way means you care less about them. But darling, some doors should be closed not because of ego, hurt or misunderstandings but because, they keep pulling you to the same place, diminishing hopes of progress. I would have loved them to be with you now, but I’m proud of the fact that you took a decision; for once, you cared about yourself. You took that leap of faith and bid people a goodbye. I don’t know if they are going to make it to your future, but if they don’t, well it means your story was meant to intersect till here! Walk away, filled with memories, smile for having met. If they do, embrace them again, for once they made you smile. And take care of your parents. Will you? Their world is woven around you. They deserve your time.

So, I won’t ask you to be cautious and alert. I’d say live freely. Use opportunities, make friends, listen to people. Just don’t be calculative in relations. You’ll probably never be able to figure life. So why not cherish this moment. But all this in no way mean that you’ll leave your home, job and go chasing wild goose. It means that find the joy in little things of everyday life. Read books. Drink coffee. Stay up late taking to that anxious friend. Don’t be afraid to hit the bottom. The world looks very different from down here. It has its own beauty. But so does the world when seen from high up. So spread your wings. Fly. If there is no one standing with you, be your own hero. Wear the cape. Trust yourself. And yes Hakuna Matata  J.


With love,

The 2016 me.