Dear me,

Hi. How are you? I know you’re not okay but trust me you’re going to be just fine. By the way, I’m Ananya from the Future. I really miss you! your laugh, your too much caring nature, and ‘oh I’m not good enough’ talk in front of the mirror. You’re going to be happy well, sometimes a little too much. You’re gonna make some really nice friends some who stay by you and not make you doubt your self-worth. You’ll learn to love yourself little by little, you’ll sing again in the bathroom and have those fake award functions and dance again in your room when no one’s watching. You’ll find peace in the dark and trust me it won’t scare you anymore. This might sound ridiculous to you now but you’ll learn to let go, and you’ll learn to live alone without feeling lonely, all those traumas you’re facing will leave your heart and mind wounded but what’s a warrior without scars right? You still do elocutions and debates in college and in many events, you win prizes and people’s hearts. You’ll have haters too and people who still talk behind your back, I know you’re afraid now but trust me when I say this, they talk about you cause when they talk about themselves nobody listens. You no more deal with liars, betrayers, and cheaters, you now trust less but the people you trust are trustworthy. I sketch like before, and I am working on my peace now. We’ll make this work I promise you my little self. And most importantly thank you so very much for not giving up. I miss you but I’m building this new me and starting to love it. So don’t worry I know you’re at the edge but hang on! Just because we grew up in a toxic household doesn’t mean we have to build another one for ourselves. I love you. 

Yours truly,