Its yet another love story picturising the most common incidents of the present love in the society. The story is about Latha and Rishva who fall in love accidentally  but the progress of love changes the entire life of Latha.


I stretched out my hands to find Rishva when I was asleep. I couldn’t find him. I woke up and looked at the clock. 3a.m.. then I realized that he may have already left for his train which he always does on Monday mornings. Yes, Rishva and I are in a living relationship as he comes to my home every weekend by Friday 11.30 p.m when no one else is on the road. We stay alone at home for the entire two days of the  weekend  after which he leaves in the early morning of Monday when the road is empty. He had been sneaking this way for the past month as he did not want anyone else to notice him here. I lay back on my bed and drowned with the memories.

It was before two years when I met him for the first time on train while traveling to college from my hometown. It was a boresome journey of five hours on that train. His face seemed familiar to me while he came up and spoke to me the same that I looked familiar to him. Then we found out that both of us were pursuing our graduation in the same college but in various batches.  We conversed a lot about the college, our courses, the journey and so on. That day’s travel was not so boring to both of us. We found our tastes to be similar and we became friends. Sometimes we met at the college and then we got even closer during our chats at the cafeteria. We exchanged our numbers and started chatting daily. He shared me things about him such as his character, his dreams about his life and future, etc. He said that he had been cheated by a girl he loved the most who left him for another guy. I felt sorry for him and added him not to worry of people who left him when he has good friends like me.

Days passed and we often travelled together in the train to our homes. We got more closer and got to know each other well. One day while we were chatting, he suddenly had his wheezing elevated and left to the hospital. I was worried until he returned at the midnight from the hospital after treating his asthma and texted me that he was okay. I felt bad that I couldn’t be there with him when he was suffering and help him.

I questioned myself if I was in love with him and then struggled a lot to sleep.

The next day we met at the temple and kept talking. While we were talking, I tried to control a lot but I proposed him for which he consoled me that he couldn’t love anyone anymore after that girl who left him. I too calmed myself that it was just my infatuation and what I felt was a friendly care over him and not love. But the next day, he texted me that he felt loved by me and he needed it. We thought for a while, conversed a lot if it was a possible relation. We even thought of leaving each other if this idea of love would lead us into trouble. After a whole day’s questions and answers we admitted that both of us cant leave each other, this relationship of ours and it felt important. So we fell in love.

We loved each other so much, cared for each other all day and night, stayed in touch all time, met atleast once a day and so on. We loved travelling together in the train when we share a lot of information about the world. I loved it when I lay my head on his shoulders and forget the entire world. I felt totally safe when I was with him.

6 happier months of our love passed. Then there came that worst day. Rishva came up to me and told that he couldn’t love me anymore. I felt shocked and wondered what has happened that had made him talk like this. He continued, “I cant be the guy you want me to be Latha. Please understand that we are not the perfect match for each other. We cant make this relation work. So let us break apart.” I asked him what was the reason for this change in him and he reasoned nothing. I felt everything turn black in front of me and tears welled up my eyes when he left me alone in the place we usually met. I controlled my tears before others saw me and reached my hostel room where I cried aloud with the confusion of what had happened to my love. I needed him the most and moreover he needed the care of me for he was already broken in his past. I called him, he did not attend the call and had already blocked me on all the messengers. He left me no ways of contacting him. I tried to speak to him through his friend but nothing worked. I felt what a break up sounded like.

We saw each other at the college but he turned and moved away. I tried a million times to speak to him and every time he just kept silent and walked away without a word to my questions. I started crying all day and cried myself to sleep all the nights. I lost my health and went so lean, even after seeing which he did not talk to me. I felt that he went heartless and inhuman. I was broken more when he texted me a day that he never loved me and was just flirting me all these months. He had been fake all these time and now he has expressed his true color.

Months passed with tears. I never wanted to look at his face yet I missed him so much at heart for I loved him more than anyone in this world. When the college was about to end, I found that he had unblocked my number. I greeted him for his placement and wished him a great future and a good bye. He replied that he felt missing me a lot all these months. He explained the reason that it was because of the promise he had made his mother that he broke up with me. His mother caught up the news of our love and did not agree to us since we belonged to different castes. She had blackmailed him that she would be torturing me if we joined together and she wanted him to promise her that he will leave me and that’s why the rest had happened.

He knew well that his mother was a kind of strict one and she would go to any extreme to control him. For my wellness, he had broken with me.

Tears welled up both of our eyes as we were talking over phone about all these. We started chatting again secretly. I felt happy that I got him back but he clearly stated that he cant promise a relation but to be just friendly with me for a lifetime. I thought that he said like that because of his fear over his mother and felt that he will change. Few months passed this way as we joined our jobs in different cities. Suddenly he again got to his rudeness and stopped talking to me, blocked me and moved out of contact. I wondered why he changed so often like a chameleon. This time when I told my friends about these, everyone scolded me for still trusting him. I thought it was a second chance but I was the one to be broken again and stand alone. All my friends left me alone for I did not respect their advice and wanted him again.  I lost good things of me including my attitude, health and above all my besties because of him. I decided not to get with him anymore and tried to be alone.

I felt my soul lifeless but I had to take up courage and live for my parents. I got a job and stayed alone in a home nearby as I did not want anyone to stay with me and remind me of my past. But that was the wrong decision I had made. One day, he texted apologizing for his mistake. He said that he wanted to make me happy for I had cried a lot because of him. I cant resist myself falling for him again for I loved him so much, so true from my heart. That’s where we decided for this living relationship in my home every weekend and four weeks are over by now. He keeps me happy for the entire two days when he is here. He cares for me like I am his baby, plays with me, fed me, made me sleep on his lap and so on. But he never cares about me after leaving until he comes here next Friday.

Coming back to the present, I got up, refreshed  up myself to my job. Days passed, weekend came but Rish did not come. I called him many times, but at last someone attended my call and answered that he had left abroad on his promotion and will not be back for years. I felt completely broken that he did not say anything about this to me even when he was here last week. I decided to die instead of being broken anymore or living this painful life. All the time, I had been so stupid and he cheated and used me up. Suddenly, I received a call from one of my friends and I told her everything that had happened. She came up to my home immediately, consoled me and stayed with me some days.

She gave me advice that ‘we should not be dependent on anyone for our happiness. In the present society, everyone is exposing only fake love for fulfilling their needs which may be money, physical or of any sort. Its we, who should be careful in choosing the level of trust and importance we give to others.’ She insisted me that I should do something in life and achieve great in my life so that my parents will be proud of me. Also she added that someday he will feel bad for missing a girl like me in his lifetime for I had been true to him all time in this fake world. I took this point in my mind. I remembered his words “You are not so pretty my Latha. That’s one of the reasons that my mom disliked you.” I first decided to change my looks, my dressing habits, my diet and became beauty conscious. I changed everything bad about me including my character of being too sensitive and caring for others that made me fall for him easily. I loved to be alone and concentrated on things to make myself happy.

I had made a good progress in Biotechnology during my graduation. So, I decided to achieve something great in my field of interest. Meanwhile, I wanted to learn Bharathanatyam, the Traditional dance, on which I had a great passion from my childhood but never had a chance to learn it.  I joined a good centre for learning it. Also, I prepared myself for the National Eligibility Test for biotech and scored a good percentage through which I got offer as a Senior Research fellow. I felt really happy and engaged myself at all these works all my time. I worked on stem cell therapy for heart failure and succeeded in my idea of replacing the heart transplant surgery with stem cell therapy. I achieved the Young Scientist Award from the Government for this success. I felt really happy for I made my parents so proud about me on that day.


I have broken the existing record in Bharathanatyam in the Guinness Book of records. The record that existed was a continuous solo dance performance for 66 hours. Today I broke the record by a continuous 80 hours of dance performance. I felt proud that I have made the world famous record. I really thanked my friend for motivating me towards this achievement. I cant imagine myself alive at this juncture without her. I also thought a moment that Rish would have seen this achievement of mine through the media and I wondered if he felt that he missed me. But I cared the less about him now.

With a happy smiley I completed today’s page of my diary. By clearing off all the memories out of my mind, I jumped myself towards my new dreams beginning with a happy sleep…


If you succeed in love, you succeed in love.

But if you fail in love, you succeed in your life.