Esther faced Ethan with her heart shaking from a range of feelings, including anguish, disbelief, and a glimmer of hope. They hadn’t seen each other in two years, when unfulfilled love and broken promises caused their friendship to fall apart. Standing in front of her, Ethan begged for forgiveness with guilt laden eyes.

Ryan watched the interaction from a distance, his heart breaking for Esther. He has consistently shown his love and support for her throughout her life. He had seen her invest her whole being—her heart and soul—into her friendship with Ethan, only to watch her feel deceived and devastated by it. He then waited in the hopes that Esther would get the courage to select the love that would mend her scars.

Esther’s voice trembled with restrained rage and lingering grief as she described the pain Ethan had inflicted, the way he had used her love and played with her emotions. She had evolved into a different person, a mere shadow of her previous self. Ryan, on the other hand, had never given up on her, relentlessly trying to break through the barriers she had erected around her heart.

Days stretched into weeks, and Ryan’s efforts gradually wore through Esther’s armour. He treated her with compassion, empathy, and unconditional love, reminding her of the lively young woman she once was. Esther began to open up as a result of his steadfast support, allowing herself to heal and feel again. Their relationship developed into something more, a real love founded on trust and mutual respect.

Then, on a bright Sunday, Esther and Ryan were wandering through a packed mall, their fingers interlaced. They came across Ethan, who was alone and defenceless, among the crowd. He approached them with despair on his face, appealing for forgiveness. Esther met Ethan’s gaze, a tornado of emotions storming within her. Memories of their past flooded her head, but she was stronger this time. She couldn’t deny the hurt he’d caused her, the way he’d broken her trust. She turned down his offer of another chance with a sad heart, revealing how profoundly he had damaged her.

She spoke of the love she had discovered in Ryan, a love that had brought her back to life. She conveyed her gratitude for the lessons gained and the strength she had discovered inside herself. And in that moment, Esther made a decision—a decision to embrace the love that had proven to be sincere and enduring.

A sensation of calm washed over her as she walked away from Ethan, hand in hand with Ryan. They had triumphed against adversity, heartache, and darkness. Their wedding day arrived three years later, surrounded by loved ones who had observed their journey. Esther and Ryan exchanged vows, promising to adore and support one another as they began a new chapter in their lives, one filled with true love and unwavering happiness.


  1. lovely dhingra

    The writer can work on better word choice throughout the story. The plot building is somehow weak and unclear. There are many loopholes in the story making it difficult to read at times. Sentence formation and restructuring can be worked upon. The ending was highly predictable and poorly written.