The Story of Kirti and Neha. 


Kirti always came first in class.  She was the star student from the first day she joined this primary school. She usually kept to herself. The other students in her class didn’t exactly like her because she was better in studies. They talked to her rudely and ignored her when she tried to make new friends.

Kirti felt sad. She didn’t care who was better.

She just wanted a friend. But because all of the other kids treated her badly, she refused to help them when the teacher would ask her to do so.

Miss. Lata had tried to explain to her numerous times that just because some of them were rude to her, didn’t mean that everyone disliked her. But she just refused to listen. She was bitter due to their behaviour.

One day, Miss Lata called Kirti to her desk. She called another girl named Neha as well. She knew Neha. She was a bubbly girl who had lots of friends. She had a brother named Aryan who was a year elder to them. She had never talked to Neha before, but Neha had always smiled at her when their eyes would meet occasionally. But she never returned the gesture.

Miss. Lata proceeded to tell her that Neha was facing some difficulty with her math lessons and that it would be wonderful if Kirti could help her. When Miss. Lata asked her at the end “Will you do it Kirti?” Kirti wanted to scream out a no. But because Neha looked at her with a genuine expectant smile she replied with a feeble “yes.” Miss. Lata was ecstatic and Neha looked at her thankfully, but Kirti decided in her mind, that she would not help Neha properly.

They had a test the coming week and she had just one week to help Neha. The first few days, Kirti taught her incorrect sums. She hated how Neha had so many friends without even trying and she had none. She wanted Neha to suffer like she did. But three days before the test, Kirti’s guilty conscience struck her. It was wrong of her to hurt someone like that.

Neha had trusted Kirti fully and wanted to get better at math. She had never treated Kirti badly and had always talked to her nicely and listened to all Kirti’s instructions carefully. She decided that enough was enough. She couldn’t break her trust. So for the last three days, Kirti taught Neha everything she knew and made sure she was prepared for the upcoming test.

The test was an easy one and Kirti was satisfied with her work.

When the next day rolled in and it was time for the results, Neha was at the edge of her seat with worry. Seeing her in such a position Kirti went over and sat beside her.

She comforted Neha by holding her hand while Miss. Lata distributed the tests.

While Kirti stood first as usual, everyone was surprised to find that Neha had come second. Neha almost fell off her chair in shock while Miss. Lata clapped loudly. Kirti was proud that she had helped her friend so much. Neha having recovered from the shock got up and went to the front of the class.  She smiled looking at Kirti and said to everyone “Thank you Kirti for helping me so much. You are my best friend in the whole wide world. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for lending me a helping hand.”

Everyone looked at Kirti with admiration while she looked at Neha with happiness etched across her face. That day, not only did Kirti make her first friend, but also learnt the importance of a helping hand.