The is story is all about a princess who was raised by her parents as a warrior with his brother. When his brother was in trouble she was in doubt but she found a solution by her un-defying soul that always searched for the right answers.

She fought a war against enemy with the help of her ally for her brother as well as for state . She rescued her brother safely .Amid this she got a marriage proposal from king Suryabhan and she got married.

She not only helped his brother but her husband also took her advice in state’s administration.

She made his state more strong and more prosperous than ever .And she knew her life was not going to be same as it was at present and her life might also have  twist & turns as others lives have . As she could see the hovering cloud over the mountain.

But at the same time she could see the silver lining that is in form of spectacular bridge that was the sign of prosperity.

And she had the firm belief that would overcome out of any difficulties if she had the support of her love Suryabhan.  


Standing in the balcony of her palace,

she was gazing at the distant  darkened storm  .In her eye there was anger ,regret ,revenge and finally all emotion took  form of  pearls and started  rolling down one after another .She knew it was not her mistake but yet she blamed herself for her brother ‘s  disappearance .

She recalled her childhood when they were playing and fighting with each other .And her mother came to resolve the quarrel between them .Everything in their life was going on the track .

But her father was killed in a war-field. Whole responsibilities was handed over to the mothers’ shoulder and when both children grew .It became their responsibilities to run the administration of the state.

State was being administered by both .In the state the unity of sister & brother became an example for everyone .But anything either that is good or bad has to reach its destiny.

In state, a magician came and he claimed that he could predict the future of anyone and no one can defy him. As the brother Shukant heard he ordered his army to present in his court so that he himself could test the magician .But her sister Mridula advised him not to show so much interest in these things he might be an informer of other states or he might be a ruffian.

But he didn’t listen her and so her soldiers made him available in the court .He was looking like a mendicant monk but equipped with the magician stick & globe .Court was crowded with the people as to watch the magic of self proclaimed the great magician .The magician gazed whole court area and then to the king and his family and he smirked.

As mriudla noticed his expression but Shukant raised her hand to be calm and asked the magician to perform .Magician greeted him and gave his blessing and started his performance to the king.

He performed really well and he felt & saw the glance of appreciation in king’s eye .Magician held the audience spell bound. He announced about his most spectacular magic and then he started to perform it.

He took the globe in his hand and said that whosoever wanted to know his own future should come forward .And his announcement created a chaos. Amid this, a strong voice was heard and it was of king.


Mridula tried to pursue him not to take part but he decided .Magician requested him to come in the activity area and he nodded and got down from his thrown and took steps towards Magician and he came in front of the globe.

Everyone’s eyes was locked on that area .Then magician raised his hand and pressed it on the globe and suddenly what happened …Globe was shattered into pieces and a strong layer of fog was formed and it was spreaded  in whole area of court .Nothing was being seen clearly .

When the mist was cleared, the crowd was shocked because king as well as magician was disappeared .Mridula rushed towards the balcony and she shocked as she saw a horse rider that  was the  Suraj singh the rebellion who was sent out of the state as he was found guilty and that could harm the security of the state Udaygarh. And the king was lied unconsciously on his back on the horse .

In a moment he disappeared out of her vision. She got freeze and when she came to her senses .She ordered the soldier to go for that ruffian .They went and she was staring continuously to that damaged bridge that was seemed to be engulfed by the darkness .

She searched for that ruffian as well as for his brother and neither that ruffian nor her brother was found .She was so much depressed that she could not sleep properly and amid the cloud of thoughts, she slept and she found herself on that darken bridge that was well structured and it was glowing as if it came out of trap of  oblivion of darkness and blessed with the glory .

As she took some more steps she saw a realm of light and without any effort she entered into it and she amazed at what she saw, it was her father who was standing as if he was waiting for her .

They got overwhelmed to see each other and Mridula started to cry and told about the incident of her brother’s disappearance .Her father was always known for his bravery told her that he never made a difference between Mridula and Shukant he taught her each and every skill & nuances of a warrior so she had to raise her sword and fought for her state as well as for her brother.

She was silent as she was listening to her father and she nodded in acceptance  and she closed her hands with the closed eyes  to greet him .

She  woke up  from her sleep .It was a dream .Suddenly a spy came to inform her about the location of king Shukant and she got to know that rebellion acted on the saying of her enemy who was none other than neighbour king Veerpaal who always tried to capture her state .

So, she was determined to fight and sent her messages through the messengers to other neighbour states who was in support of her for help .She opened armory and took out her sword and she announced a war against the Veerpal .

The giant gate of fort was opened and one after another the riders, the troops, cavalries  and finally Mridula came out of the fort and was directed to the war field .Her enemy’s army was not small but  her courage was big enough to uproot Veerpal’s army .

And she fought with bravery but when it started darkening. Her soldiers’ numbers had reached to the lowest level .Suddenly a warrior with the stormy speed came amid Mridula’s armies and was being followed by a large battalion and started to fight .She gradually saw a plethora of dead soldiers of her enemy .And finally with the help of that unknown stranger, Mridula’s army was won and Veerpal king surrendered himself to her .

The unknown rider was King Suryabhan and known as the best ally of  Udaygarh  state .King Shukant was rescued  from the jail of King Veerpal and was brought to home .To see him , Mridula got overwhelmed and hug him . Later on the marriage’s proposal of Suryabhan came for Mridula and she accepted as she had seen the real worth of him .

So,she married to King Suryabhan and went to his state .She was blessed with the motherhood and had two children one was boy and other was girl .

She raised her children in the atmosphere of bravery and courage. Her life was peaceful. She was not like other princess and her husband Surybhan was also not like others’ king. Raigarh state was administered by both.

And Her state gradually became the strongest kingdom as Raigarh  was a well-planned and well flourished state and it did not have high aspiration to enlarge its kingdom .Instead other states became its allies as it was a prosperous state .

One day she was standing in the balcony and she was seeing the cloud hovering & roaming over the mountain .And suddenly she saw the same bridge but now that was renewed and restructured. It was connected from the Raigarh to the Udaygarh and was built over the river .

The Sun rays was falling on the stream of rivers and those rays were being reflected on the surface of bridge and these rays gave the bridge a  spectacular look  .

The same shine can be seen on the face of Mridula as she overcame on the darkness .She not only saved her brother but also created a new definition of ruling  among her state as well as among  other states .

As she heard the voice of the king Suryabhan, so she turned back and saw him smiling as he read her face. He came close to him and hold her hand and saw in her eyes to say her that he was always with him .And she nodded that she always knew this.