This story is all about a boy who wanted to make his parents happy and in the course of doing so, he took a decision which not only made him suffer but also his parents. There is also a concept of lack of communication between parents and child is shown. Had the boy told the parents about his ambitions, the situation could have been better.


The alarm clock rings at 6:00 a.m. but Raunak is still sleeping. Alarm clock again rings and this time he gets up hurriedly. His eyes are red and he is looking so weary and tired. He gets up and goes to college within 10 minutes without even having his breakfast. This routine was not new to him. It has become his daily routine. Late night studies, skipping breakfast, seriousness all the time has become the part of his life.

He was not like this years before. But a decision has made him so. He was cheerful, a mischievous boy who knew how to enjoy every seconds of his life. But something happened . Something which made him an altogether different person. A boy who loved laughing at times had forgotten to laugh. A boy who loved nature once preferred to live in dark now. This all happened after he took a decision .

Just a year back, when 12th board results were announced ,Raunak's parents were so proud of him. Afterall he was the topper of his school. All his relatives and friends congratulated him. He was overwhelmed too.

But soon his happiness disappeared when one of the reporters asked his father -"what are the future plans of your son?"  to which his father replied -"my son will be an engineer."

Listening to his father's reply Raunak almost broke into tears. This was not he had dreamt of. His desire was something else. He wanted to be a writer. Writing was like a love for him. He was also the creative head of his school.

His father wanted him to be an engineer but never bothered to find out what he wanted.

The whole night, Raunak had been thinking about this. He wanted to tell his father about what he wanted to do but he was equally scared too. He always wanted to make his parents happy. He thought what if I tell my father that I don't want to be an engineer, what will he say? Will his dream of seeing me as an engineer would break? He thought and thought and without getting answers to any of his questions, he felt asleep. 

The next day, he went to his father with a strong desire to tell him that he want to pursue Eng(Hon) rather than going for science. But when he was about to enter the room he heard some voice. His father was saying to his mother -"our son has made us proud, soon he would be a great engineer and I am waiting for that day. You know I always wanted to be one but somehow I couldn't fulfill my dream. Now our son will fulfill my dream. I feel immense happiness."

When his father had finished saying, he noticed Raunak standing at the door. He called him and said -" thank you son for giving us these moments of joy and happiness."

He stood there silent and hiding his sorrow he said -" dad, your dreams are mine now. I will make sure that it gets fulfilled."

Saying so he came back to his room. With a heavy heart he decided to go for engineering but deep within he knew it was not what he wanted. He knew this decision of him would make his parents happy and thus without thinking of anything else, he finalized his decision of studying engineering in Kota.

This was the decision which made him isolated and also a different person. A decision where he didn't follow his heart and dumped his dream of becoming a writer. He did not gather courage to tell his father how much he hated physics and that maths always scares him. He just couldn't stand for what he wanted and as a result he landed up in Kota studying a subject so meaningless for him.

Early days of his college were not so bad. But slowly and gradually when the pressure of studies, assignment increased he was finding it very difficult to cope with the situation. Many a times he cried regretting his decision. He wished he could tell his parents about his decisions and ambitions.

After returning from college he headed for tuitions and was awake till 4:00 in the morning. Sleepless nights has taken away all his spark which he used to have once. Raunak soon realized that he should escape from this life.

There again he took a DECISION.

Next day, the sun shone bright but the life of Raunak was not at all bright. The decision which he took was…. to end his life and free himself from every complicated situations.

Previous night, he had slept and he was still sleeping. For the very first time, there was peace in his face as he was sleeping. And sooner we realized that he wasn't sleeping. He had done something. Yes! he had committed suicide leaving behind unfulfilled dream of him as well as his father. There was a note too.

"Dear mom and dad,

From the very beginning, I wanted to be a writer and thus had planned to do English honors but on the day of results, I got to know that you want me to become an engineer. On that day itself my dreams were shattered. I had promised myself that I will never let you down and that's why keeping aside my ambitions, I followed what you wanted and pursued engineering.

Dad, these subjects never fascinated me. I was not at all enjoying studying. These were the boring subjects but still I tried.

I worked hard and was very focused towards my studies but the results again showed me how poor I was.

I am giving up dad. I am giving up. I know it's a cowardice act to give up but that's all I could. I am sorry dad. I am sorry that I couldn't fulfill your dreams and also I lost your faith in me.