A sister goes on to soothe the confusions of her brother about life and his thoughts, soothing the lad in a faraway land!!


Early in the morning when I was just going to start my day my phone rang. I went in a rush to pick up the call to find that it is from my brother in the far away land of USA. The moment I picked up the phone all my laziness went just as a sudden shock, when I realized that he was crying. In a faraway land he was feeling all alone and before going to bed he just felt the urge to talk to me. I was the only one to whom he gets open up to and today also was just a same day of outburst but what made me feel bad was the distance of him. I felt too helpless, he was just going on saying things I never imagined will happen and today I was on phone listening that they already happened. He was saying about his friends, “Today Ayan came and asked me not to talk to him ever after as he is now friends with the most influential person over here, who is actually a bully and used to hit others; however he is treated as the God father of everyone going anywhere and because of him today I don’t have any friends.”

I was listening and then I just asked, “Is he so bad to mingle with? I mean, how cam you not be a friend with him as then you will not feel isolated!”

He burst into tears and kept on saying, “That is my problem! Why I am born like this! As I know that he bullies others, I can never accept him as a good person even then how can I accept his favours! People whom I perceive as bad, they turn out to be good to some or is it that I am perceiving people in a wrong manner! I am confused didi. I miss you.”

I was feeling like crying then and there but I just was keeping myself composed and trying to remain as cool and calm as possible.

I sensed he wants to listen to me and understand an clear his confusion rather than wanting me to just hear him,

“See, dear, if I say, I want to call the wall in front of me as table and the table in front of me as wall, then what will happen!

There is actually no difference but it will just create a lot of confusion in understanding and communicating with people in the world. Again my problem is, though I am thinking to do this, yet surprisingly whenever I see the wall, the word table doesn’t come in my mind. There is no ratiocination as to why I should say this barrier of bricks as a wall and why this supporter of wood as a table. But I can’t keep myself from saying the same words to address them.

Sometimes I feel to rebuke, to hurt them who hurt me; my thought is obviously something quite well reasoned. But my conscience says it as a bad thing to do. Though I have reasonable facts to support my consideration as right thing yet I can’t believe it to be! Perhaps I don’t dare to go against the orthodoxies conveyed to me by time.

That is how is the case with you and the rest of the people you are narrating. You have taken it in your lessons as to be self-reliant and accept whatever your ability brings you, but not all are made the same way. Sometimes results weigh over the journey or the path and people who have been trained that way take no problem in accepting the results without bothering about the path, but our grooming will not allow us to do so however much we may try!

Things seem like a parallax. The way something, we call a particle can show a wavy nature under certain circumstances, I think, it might be showing some other behaviour seen from a different angle in which it is not seen yet. I’m not a scientist even to do so! But often I find darkness as the representative of an empty space devoid of light. Devoid of any colour is black. But how come so? When the place is not consisting of any colour how then it can be called as black colour! That is again a confusion, isn’t it!”

I was hearing his sobs turning into “hmm-hmm-hmm” and I was feeling his transformation towards calmness.

“Black colour doesn’t anymore keep the place empty and so does darkness.

The combination of all the colours gets converted to white colour of light that in turn makes the things in front of us visible. The medium seems not to have any obstruction and thus is a void. But how void is the combination of all the colours in the world! We are taught black is devoid of any colour but it gives sense to a colour yet we believe what we are taught to believe. The same way it is for the colour white.

The consideration of good and bad follows the same root. We continue analysis on self realisation, lectures on consideration of an action but the real thing is everything is the same as black and white; particle and wave; discrete as well as continuous. The real process is the game of the position of our eyes and that of the object. A dot seen from top is discrete but horizontally it seems to be a line.

Destination of life is just a point when seen from the top but it takes the entire life to be there. The journey of life is like that line. A particle showing the nature of wave as the crests and troughs of life. Future is just a point but past is that line and present is the connecting thread of understanding of that concept.

What we see is what we are taught to see and what we are expected by the mass to see. But there is often (in fact always) something beyond the mere sight displayed; just like black and the darkness beyond the void and transparency in white light.

Our consciousness is owned by our society and ancestors. We don’t believe thing rather we are made to. The lessons are so inculcated in our nerves that no logic can bring them out. Logical analysis will only make us believe what we believed is always true. In fact logics are even taken into consideration to make us sympathise with ourselves for we ought to have faith on the system of our reliance.

Consciousness and conscience are biased by the same system by which our cultures are. We show pity on certain creatures but not all.

What is the fault of the creatures unable to experience our kindness is though unknown to us. The Hindus don’t eat beef but can have mutton and chicken, Muslims don’t eat pork but are carnivorous for all other animals. Both have the debate to justify their religious practice. But definitely it is never admissible that a group of the same human race don’t eat pork and another group don’t eat beef. But beliefs are made to be proved by logic and no logic can counter a belief. That’s what the things are; quite round in nature just like the cosmos.

Moving round and round they will move on the entire ground. So, just be your way and the world will fall into place. Never get confused about you existence, your essence, though you can and should always question your beliefs to refine yourself!

He just said, “Yes didi, and for me you are my panacea to clear all my confusion and soothe my unrest. Now you go for the college and I will go to sleep. Good night…”

I replied him with happiness to sleep. His smile and the calmness in his voice made my day!!


Image Source : pixabay.com