A story about Prerna who has a dream to become an entrepreneur. Her family supports her dream but will her in-laws accept?


Dreams were shattered but hope still remains.

The plight of a woman named Prerna. In academic aspect, she was a good student and was admired by everyone who knew her. She had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and earning money for herself.  She was so focused on her dream that she completed her Bachelor’s and MBA in Entrepreneurship. Her family supported her in each and every step she took. She had started a business of selling home-made chocolates. First she made samples so that her prospective customers can make a decision. As her chocolates were liked by everyone, she began to set up her business. She was assisted by her brother Varun and her investment in setting up a business had a good return. She had earned good income for herself and was happy, the way she was following her dreams as her business flourished.

At 25 years of age, she was on the juncture wherein she had to choose her life-partner. Her parents had chosen Vivek as groom who was the son of her father’s colleague in office. Since both the bride and groom liked each other, they went on to decide the date of her marriage. But the groom’s family had a condition.

“In our family, women don’t do any sort of job. So by our traditions, Prerna has to close her business. If she will go on doing her business, when will she serve family?”

 Prerna was shocked when she heard this. What about the business I had set up? What about my dreams? She thought.

Prerna’s parents looked at their daughter. She was looking tensed because of the very thought of winding up her dreams. But her father was helpless. He has had family links with his colleague so he could not find any reason to let go of the demand. He agreed to it reluctantly.

Prerna looked at her father with astonishment. But her father gave her assuring gestures. Prerna was disappointed. She wanted to marry like every other girl but did not want her dreams to get shattered like this.

After they left Prerna went to her father with teary eyes and asked,” Why did you agree to Uncle’s demand? I can’t do away my business like this!”

“I know I have done injustice to you. But try to understand, we have family relations with Trivedi ji. Even I want my daughter to be happy always. You cannot get a good family than this, my dear. You’ll get adjusted to things, don’t worry.” And moved his hands on her daughter’s head who was broken down by these words.

After a year, Vivek and Prerna got married. They had a daughter whom they named Takshi and after 6 years had another daughter whom they named Malika.

Takshi turned 14 and Malika turned 8 after years passed by. One day, Prerna took Takshi and Malika to market. Malika saw chocolate in a grocery store. She insisted her mother to buy one. This gave Prerna an opportunity to visit her dream after so many years. She told her that she would make chocolate for her.

“Do you know how to make chocolate, Madam?” The shopkeeper asked.

Prerna nodded.

“Do send some chocolate. I’ll ask my wife to make chocolates for me.”

Prerna grinned and replied,” Sure.”

 She brought the necessary items for its preparation and prepared chocolates in the form of dessert after dinner. Vivek and his parents were not amused at the sight of chocolates.

“Prerna, why have you made chocolates?” Vivek asked sternly.

“Come on Papa, Maa has prepared chocolates because Malika wanted to eat. And what is wrong with it?” Takshi replied with a smile.

“Did I ask you, Takshi?”

“Don’t talk to her like this. She just said the truth.” Prerna said.

“Shut up! Take these chocolates away!” Vivek shouted.

“But Papa I want to eat the chocolate.” Malika said meekly.

Vivek got up from the table in anger. Also Prerna’s in-laws went away. Prerna was dejected. Malika did not understand what was going but both the daughters ate the chocolates and really loved it. Prerna was happy by this.

Takshi was concerned about the reprimands which ensued at dinner. Vivek had gone to his neighbour’s the next day. Takshi decided to ask her mother about yesterday’s incident.

“Maa, I know I am a kid for you. But I am not that small enough to not understand things.”

Prerna was initially hesitant to tell but seeing her daughter’s facial expressions which were seeking to know the truth. She told her the story about her business of home-made chocolate and how she had to close the business because of Takshi’s father’s demand. Takshi looked enraged after hearing her mother’s tragedy.

“Recently I read about women empowerment in school. I did not know it is a problem in my own house.”

“I’ll talk to Papa. I’ll convince him to let you start your business.”

Prerna stopped her. She said that her father would get angry. But after realising the cause Takshi was resilient to make her mother start her business again.

“Maa, prepare those chocolates and let us make people taste it. If they like it you can go on with your business.” Takshi said,” And I trust you Maa. I know you can handle both things well, our house and business both. If anyone comes your way, I’ll fight it.”

Prerna gave a wide smile and gave a hug to Takshi. Takshi assisted her mother in making chocolate samples. She made people taste it. Everyone appreciated those chocolates and gave orders as well.

Vivek was enraged when he saw his wife going against the familial traditions. But Takshi and Malika stood as strong pillars and prevented her grandparents and her father to hinder their mother’s dream. Takshi also prepared posters and fliers for gaining more orders.Gradually more orders came and the business expanded. She also hired a driver for delivering those chocolates. Her family members became mere spectators as she performed her household duties efficiently as was expected from her. From waking up her daughters and making breakfast for them as they go to school, preparing meals for the family, taking care of her in-laws, doing other small errands to managing her business. She performed all the responsibilities with equal dedication. Prerna’s husband and her in-laws, later on supported her in the business.

“Thank you so much, Takshi. My lovely daughter. Without your support, I could not have thought of fulfilling my dreams.”

“It’s alright, Maa! Fulfilling dreams is everyone’s right. And you and Papa do so much for us. You also have the right to fulfill your wishes.” Takshi replied.

When Prerna’s family got to know about the business, they were elated for her. Her father blessed her for her endeavours.

Trivedi’s family realised that women are capable of doing everything rather than just household work. They just need opportunity.