Raghav is a caring father, a loving husband, and a good son. But he is very short tempered. His father points out to him the results of his anger. Raghav decides to change for the better. Only time stands as a testimony to prove if he has really changed.


Raghav was a very good man. He was a caring father, a loving husband, and a good son. However, he had a weakness. He was very short tempered. He used to blurt out things and never cared about the feelings of others when he was angry. Sometimes he even vents out his frustration in the office at home. He was pure hearted and knowing this, his wife and kids never misunderstood him.

However, with time, they feared to express their views openly with him. In spite of him being with them all, he felt like there was something amiss. Little did he know what the problem was?

Raghav’s father noticing all this decided to take matters into his own hands. He decides to tell Raghav where and how he was going wrong.

One day when Raghav is at home he suggests- “Raghav! Why don’t we go for a walk at the park? It has been a very long time since we were by ourselves.”

Raghav nodded and they both set out to the park.

They were having a stroll when they notice a rose plant. Raghav’s father, suddenly, starts plucking the roses one by one and crumples them. Very soon the plant which was full of roses looks very deserted with only the thorns left.

“Dad! What are you doing?  Why did you pluck out those beautiful roses? It will take so much time for the roses to grow back“, asked Raghav unable to comprehend with what his father was doing.

“I’m sorry son. I was just upset about something”, he replied and paused as if waiting for Raghav to say something.

“Dad! Do you want to talk to me about anything? “Asked Raghav.

Raghav’s father nodded in affirmative. He said “Raghav! Your wife and children are like the beautiful roses that you grow with care and love. However, you are hurting them with your anger which is same as plucking them just the way I did. Very soon you will be left with nothing but the thorns which are the scars left from your anger. Just the way a flower takes a lot of time to bloom, a hurt mind takes a lot of time to heal.”

Taking the rose plant into his hands he said “Dad! You shall very soon see more flowers blooming.” Raghav’s father smiled at him reassuringly.

Time has passed and Raghav became busy with his daily work.

It was Sunday. Raghav was busy reading the newspaper. His wife Sudha was in the kitchen. The phone rang. Raghav’s son Chintu ran into the room where the phone was and then ran towards Raghav. He was in great enthusiasm to hand over the phone to his father before the phone ceased ringing. However, the phone slipped out of his hand. Hearing some noise Sudha and Raghav rushed to see what happened.

Standing there, shaking from head to toe was Chintu standing. He was on the verge of tears. He looked at Raghav and mumbled “The phone slipped…Sorry dad.” Raghav moved slowly towards his son, took him into his arms and wiping his tears said coaxingly-“it’s ok my son. But you ought to be careful with things.”

Chintu nodded and planted a small kiss on his cheek.