Two brothers do a small activity in their childhood, which they wanted to preserve for their lifetime. Interesting events turn out as a result of their habit which changes the life of others.


Chapter 1

A Childhood Habit

Year: 1995

Date: 27/04/1995

Poorayanan Haricharan and Ethish were brothers.

Poorayanan was 9 years and Ethish was 8 years old.

They lived in the village of Somandur.
It was a morning 11 0 clock in a day of a summer season. Both of them were running in a dry crop less agricultural land.
Ethish was having a small bag in his hand.

They were not running in a race or even they did not play a game.
Their eyes showed some other purpose for the run.

At last, they reached a remote Palm grove, where they stopped.

Ethish opened his bag and Poorayanan was preparing some old dry palm leaves for making a campfire.

He grouped the leaves and lit the fire in it.
The fire started burning.

Ethish let his hand in the bag and picked out something.
It was a small plastic bag which carried five dry mango seeds.

Ethish took out those mango seeds and put them in the fire.

They waited for the fire to cook the mango seed for five minutes.

Then they took soil from the adjacent area and threw it over the fire.

The fire went off, and then they picked a small stick from the side.

They segregated the cooked mango seed from the burnt ashes and took them out.

They went to a nearby motor shed where they had stones and rocks which they used to sit and chit chat.

Both of them sat and took each of them one mango seed.

Both of them at the same time took a small stone and broke the mango seed together and took out the kernel.

They ate it together and spent their time in eating the rest of the mango seeds.
Chapter 2

A Gift at the Death Bed

Year: 2055

Date: 27/04/2055

Place: Chennai

It was the house of the famous businessman Poorayanan Haricharan.

Poorayanan had heart disease and was under treatment for the last two years.

Everybody got informed by the doctor that, Poorayanan has reached his last days.

Karthik was Poorayanan’s son who was looking after him. Poorayanan had two sons and a daughter, but the other two were in foreign countries.

Two days before Karthik informed them about the serious illness of Poorayanan.

Many relatives kept on visiting Poorayanan daily as they thought that he has reached his end of days.

It was morning 11 O clock; a courier boy arrived at Poorayanan’s house.
Karthik received the courier boy.

Courier Boy asked, “Sir, a courier has come for Mr.Poorayanan”

Karthik said, “Is that so, from whom?”

Courier boy said, “The address says that it from Mr. Ethish, Uttar Karnataka”

Karthik said,”Oh! That is his brother, give me the parcel”

The courier boy handed over the parcel to him

Karthik took the parcel inside the bedroom of Poorayanan.

He showed it to Poorayanan and said, “Dad! this parcel has come from your brother Ethish”

Poorayanan was only able to understand what it is. He was not able to lift his hands or do any gestures.

The only thing he did was the eagerness he showed in his eyes to know what is it in the parcel.

On Understanding his father’s expression, he opened the box.

There was a cooked and broken dry mango seed inside the box.

Karthik took the mango seed and showed it to Poorayanan.

Poorayanan said,”Aaahhh!!!”

That was the last breath of Poorayanan. He expired.

Karthik got astonished by the event.

He did not know that their brotherhood affection was that much.

Karthik took his phone and called Ethish.

The call got answered, “Hello”

Karthik said,” Uncle, this is Karthik”
Ethish said, “Yes Karthik”

Karthik said,” On seeing your gift, father left the world”
Ethish said,” Yes, that is why I sent a Golden mango seed with diamonds punched in it”

Karthik exclaimed, “What? We received only ordinary mango seed! Not a golden with diamonds punched?”
Ethish astonished,” What? I sent it through a courier since I could not come direct, man”

Karthik said,” Oh Uncle, you should have informed us before?”

Ethish said, “I thought it would be a surprise for you guys”

Karthik said, “Somebody in the courier network only could have replaced the parcel”
Ethish said,” Yes, It could be man…but don’t give any police complaint man…search on your own “

Karthik asked, “Why uncle”
Ethish said,” The police may, in turn, try to search my properties and accounts, etc”

Karthik said,” Ok I will check out with the local courier office, you check it from your end”
Ethish Said,”Ok”

Chapter 3

A Mystery solved

Place: Anna Nagar, Track Point Courier services

Date: 27/04/2055

Karthik entered the office of Track point courier services.

Karthik shouted, “Where is the Manager?”
A guy came out running, “Sir, what is this? Why are you shouting? I am the Manager”

Karthik yelled, “What is your name?”

The Guy said, “Sir, My name is Anand”

Karthik said, “You people have changed the content of a valuable gift in the courier”

Anand said, “sir no, I can’t get you”

Karthik briefed the whole story.

Anand said, “Sir, why Mr.Ethish sent a product of gold through courier, it is a risk “

Anand added, “That is why we ask people to mention the content in it over the cover”

Karthik said, “It was an urgent case man, so our uncle forgot to mention”

Anand said, “If he had mentioned it as gold, our Karnataka courier point would not have accepted it”

Karthik said, “Now what is the way? How can we find out our gold?”

Anand said, “Can you give a police complaint?”

Karthik said,”Mmm It is impossible”

Anand said, “I can’t search all the courier boys or our employees in the network”

Karthik said, “Sir, Please help me in this regard, the gift is of high value”

Anand said,”Ok I will try my level best”

Karthik left the place. Karthik’s mind got filled with confusions and he had no clues.

Anand entered his private cabin and seated before his computer.

Anand’s phone rang.

He answered, “Hello”

The other end said, “This is Sharath”

Anand said, “Yes Sharath, your plan is perfect man, the guy went away”

Sharath asked, “What did he say?”

Anand answered, “He said that the gift was of high value and he cannot give a police complaint”

Sharath asked, “And what did you say?”

Anand Said,” I said that I will try my level best to find it out”

Sharath said,”Ok! Keep on Trying”

Anand laughed,”Ha Ha Ha”

Sharath also laughed,”Ha Ha Ha”