There is a belief in many spiritual cultures that the 9 planets influence the life of a human significantly. ere in this story, an educated person tries to believe the same concept.


Chapter 1: With the General Manager
Date: 07th January 2006

It was evening 7 O’ clock in Strai Consulting Engineers office, Chennai.
The day was a Saturday. Most of the employees have closed their work for their day and left for home.
Sethuram was working in his private cabin.
The Office boy name was Thilsen .
Sethuram called,”Thilsen! Thilsen!”

The Office boy came inside the room.
Thilsen said,”Yes sir”

Sethuram asked,”Has everybody left?”
Thilsen said,” Yes sir”

Sethuram asked,” can you bring me a coffee ?”
Thilsen answered,”Yes sir, I will”
Thilsen left the room.
After 15 minutes, Thilsen came with a flask and a coffee cup.

He poured the coffee from the flask into the cup and gave it to Sethuram.

Sethuram sipped the coffee.

Thilsen asked,”Sir, I need a small help”

Sethuram asked,”Yes, what do you need?”

Thilsen answered,”I need Rs.5000 for my household expenses”

Sethuram said,”You need a loan from me?”
Thilsen said,” Yes sir, I will return it within 4 months”

Sethuram pulled out his wallet from his pant pocket.
Opened the purse and drew the money. He counted the money and separated Rs.5000 from the amount.
Sethuram gave the cash to Thilsen.
Thilsen smiled and said,”Thank you sir”

Sethuram said,”No Problem man, bye”
Chapter 2: A Session with Maniraja
Date: 13th January 2006

A chief structural engineer worked for Strai consulting engineers. He used to work from his home. He would give his outputs whenever required. His name was Maniraja.

Maniraja got paid for whatever work he does for the company.

Sethuram would be issuing the paycheque to him every month.
It was 13th January and Maniraja’s home.

Maniraja’s door bell rang.

He Opened the door and found Thilsen standing out.
Maniraja greeted him,”Good Morning Thilsen”

Thilsen said,”Good Morning sir”
Maniraja said,”come in and take your seat”

Thilsen went in and sat on a chair in the hall.

Thilsen said,”Sir, our General manager sent me, he gave this cheque leaf for you”

Maniraja received the cheque leaf.
It was the salary cheque leaf of Rs.50000/- worth.

Maniraja smiled and said,”Thank you Thilsen”
Thilsen said,”No problem sir”

Maniraja called his wife and asked her to prepare coffee for Thilsen.

She Prepared Coffee and brought it to Thilsen.

Thilsen received the Coffee and sipped it.
She went into kitchen.

Thilsen asked,”Sir, I need a small help from you”
Maniraja asked,”what help you need ?”

Thilsen, “I need Rs.5000/- for my household expenses”

Maniraja immediately went inside his bedroom.After five minutes he came out with Rs.5000/-

He gave it to Thilsen.
Thilsen said,”I will return it within 4 months, sir”
Maniraja said,”Ok! No problem”

After drinking the coffee, Thilsen came out of the house.


Chapter 3: With the Government Engineer
Date: 19th January 2006

Mr.Karuna was an engineer in the public works department. The Strai Consulting engineers were doing projects with many government sectors. Public works department was also one of them.

Whenever Strai completes a project, Sethuram would start the process of bill payment.

The Public works department would pay for the work completed by them.

Mr.Karuna was one of the signing authorities to process the cheque for Strai.

Since there were many restrictions towards bribe, people were not accepting bribe in open.

Thilsen had to give money to Mr.Karuna, which was an illegal process.

Thilsen called him through the mobile phone before going.

Karuna asked him to come to his home by evening 7 O clock because at the office there were many people around.

Thilsen knocked at the door of Karuna’s house.
Karuna opened the door.

Karuna said,”Come in Thilsen”
Thilsen went inside Karuna’s home.

Thilsen took an envelope cover which he was carrying with him in his pocket.

Thilsen gave it to Karuna.
Karuna took the cover and opened it.

He drew out the money in the cover and counted it.
There was Rs.70,000/- on the cover. Karuna was happy.

Karuna said,” Thank you Thilsen”
Thilsen said,”Sir, I need a small help from you”

Karuna asked,”What do you need?”
Thilsen said,”I need Rs.5000/- for my household expenses”

Thilsen added,” If you give me as loan, I will return it within 4 to 5 months”

Karuna asked,”you don’t have any other friends?”
Thilsen said,”Sorry sir, it is urgent”

Karuna separated Rs.5000/- from that money and gave it Thilsen.

Karuna said,”Return it in a prompt manner”
Thilsen said,”I will return it for sure sir”

Thilsen came out of Karuna’s home.


Chapter 4: At the Field Soil test
Date: 3rd February 2006

Saravanan was a new engineer who joined Strai consulting engineers.

Saravanan had to conduct the field soil tests in a highway near a place called Tada.

Tada was in the north of Chennai.
Saravanan got accompanied by Thilsen for help.

Both of them were at the field. A separate team was doing the Tests. Saravanan was monitoring their work.

Thilsen was giving help to Saravanan.
At noon, they had lunch at a nearby hotel.

Saravanan and Thilsen were sitting opposite in the lunch at the dining table.

Thilsen said,”Sir, I need a small help from you”

Saravanan asked,”What kind of help?”
Thilsen said,”I need Rs.5000/- for my household expenses”

Saravana answered,” I don’t have money, I am new to the company Thilsen”

Thilsen said,” Sir, I will suggest a way”
Saravanan asked,”What way?”

Thilsen said,”You have the company’s funds for field expenses right?”

Saravanan answered,”Yes I do”

Thilsen  answered,’’If you give Rs.5000/- and adjust some duplicate bills, it would be easy”

Saravanan said,”What are you talking?  I won’t do that”
Thilsen said,”Sir, it is urgent, if you want, you also take Rs.5000/-”

Thilsen added,”sir,we can create the fake documents ”
Saravanan stumbled,”What? Are you kidding?”

Thilsen said,”No, sir, it is urgent, so only I asked”

Thilsen added,”Sir, No Engineer in our company is honest sir”

Saravanan said,”I think you know too much”
Thilsen laughed”Ha! Ha! Ha!”
Saravanan said,”Ok, Here take your Rs.5000/-“

Thilsen received the amount.


Chapter 5: Four events on the Same day
Date: 5th June 2006

Many changes have occurred in the Strai consulting engineers during those four months. Sethuram has resigned his job and went out of the company.

Some of the other employees also left their job and went away.

Thilsen remained there as the same Office Boy.

A new General manager by name Mr.Suruli had joined the company.

On the 5th day of June 2006, Suruli was having a coffee in his cabin at morning 10.30 a.m.

Suruli’s Mobile phone rang.
Suruli answered the call,”Hello”

The other end said,”Is this Mr.Suruli ?”
Suruli answered,”Yes I am”

The other end said,”I am Sethuram, ex- general manager of Strai”

Suruli said,”Hello sir, it is nice to hear from you”

Sethuram said,”Sir, that is okay, but I called you to warn about a person”

Suruli said,”What? About whom?”

Sethuram said,”It is that Thilsen, he is a cunning fellow”

Suruli said,”What?”
Sethuram said,”Especially don’t give him any loan, he will not return it”
Suruli exclaimed,”Oh! Is that so, Let me see”
Sethuram said,”Ok bye sir, I have an urgent work “

Suruli said,”Ok! Bye”
Suruli sighed for a moment,”What is this, in the morning session I am getting some bad news?”

Suruli got another call after five minutes

Suruli answered,”Hello”

The Other end said,”Good morning sir, this is Maniraja, your company’s structural consultant”

Suruli answered,”Yes sir, what can I do for you?”

Maniraja said,”My payment of Rs.1,00,000/- is pending for two months”

Suruli said,”Ok I will ask the accountant to process it immediately “

Maniraja said,”Sir, I would like to add one more thing”

Suruli said,”Yes tell me”

Maniraja said,”Don’t trust Thilsen of your company and give him any money”

Suruli asked,”What?”

Maniraja said,”He will not return the loan”

Suruli said,”Oh, is that so?”

Maniraja said,”Ok thank you, sir, Bye”

Suruli said,”Bye”

Suruli sighed again,”Oh my god, what is this, I am getting a second complaint”

After few minutes, Suruli got a call from Karuna.

Karuna also complained to Suruli that, Thilsen had not returned a loan which he had got from him.

Suruli got tensed.

After some time, Suruli received a complaint mail from a soil engineer.

The complaint said that his payment was not done in the

Tada project.

Suruli called Saravanan to his room.
Suruli asked,”what is this man, I got a complaint from the soil engineer about payment?”

Saravanan said,”What complaint sir?”

Suruli answered,”There is shortage of Rs.10,000/ – which is in miscellaneous accounts”

Saravanan said,”Sir, Thilsen only asked me to do so”

Suruli shouted,”what, you are an engineer and you are taking orders from an office boy?”

Saravanan answered,”Sir it was during my joining time”

Suruli asked,”So what?”

Saravanan said,”during that time, I thought he had good influence in the company”

Suruli said,”So, you have done wrong accounting, what did you do with the money?”

Saravanan said,”Thilsen took it away”

Suruli said,”oh, This Thilsen is playing too much beyond his capabilities”

Suruli called Sikul Sivarani who was the Human resource Manager.

Sikul answered,”Hello sir, how are you?”

Suruli said,” I am not fine man”

Sikul asked,”What sir, what is the problem?”

Suruli answered,”from today morning I am getting complaints on this Thilsen”

Sikul asked,”What kind of complaints?”

Suruli answered,”He is getting loan from our sub-agents and clients and not returning ”

Sikul answered,”Oh Is that so?”

Suruli added,”Not only that, he is adding fake bills and looting company’s funds”

Sikul exclaimed,”Oh, do you have proof papers?”

Suruli answered,”Yes sure, I will send and immediate mail”

Sikul said,”Then we can dismiss him immediately, we don’t need such kind of guys”

Suruli said,”Ok do it immediately”

On that day evening, Suruli got the termination order for Thilsen from Sikul.

Suruli called Thilsen to his room.

Suruli said,”Look here Thilsen, we have got a lot of complaints about you with proofs”

Thilsen astonished,”Sir, what complaints?”

Suruli said,”This termination order will explain you everything”

Suruli added,” you need not come to office from tomorrow”

Thilsen exclaimed,”Sir! What is this, what will I do, I am just an Office boy”

Suruli said,”Look here man, I don’t want your stories, get lost”

Thilsen left the room with tears in his eyes.

All the unpaid loans and his financial crimes had attacked him on the same day.

Thilsen did not expect that.


Chapter 6: An Astrologer’s call
Date: 5th June 2006

Thilsen was walking on the street towards his home.

It was evening 6.30 p.m.

Thilsen got a phone call.

He answered,”Hello”

The other end said,”Hello is this Thilsen?”

Thilsen said,”Yes Thilsen here, who are you?”

The other end said,”I am astrologer Sharath”

Thilsen asked,” What is this call about?”

Sharath said,”Today would have been a bad day for you sir, am I right?”

Thilsen exclaimed,”Yes sir, how do you know?”

Sharath said,”You could have got punished for unpaid loans and creating fake bills”

Thilsen said,”Oh my god, how do you say it exactly”

Sharath said,”That is astrology sir”

Thilsen asked,”what should I do now sir”

Sharath said,”you come to our office for discussion”

Thilsen said,”This is a kind of fraud call, then you will charge some fees for consultation”

Sharath said,”Mind your words man”

Thilsen said,”Please cut the call, I am already angry”

Sharath said,”Ok then we can’t help your future”

Thilsen cut the phone call without informing.

Sharath at his end after cutting the call laughed,”Ha! Ha ! Ha!”

Sharath immediately dialed a number.

The call got answered,”Hello sharath”

Sharath said,”Hello Sethuram”

Sethuram said,”How are the things?”

Sharath said,”At last, Thilsen got dismissed from the company”

Sethuram astonished,”Oh! Great man, how?”

Sharath said,”That got done by Suruli, based on your complaints”

Sethuram said, “4 times he had cheated people’s money, so 4 complaints got against him”

Sharath said, “4 events + 4 Analysis = 1 termination”

Sethuram said,”Oh my god the total is 9, it matches with the 9 number of planets”

Sharath said,” So, today is the judgment day for him”

Sethuram said,”Oh I see”

Sharath said,”and the funniest part is that, he believed me as a real astrologer”

Sethuram laughed,”Ha Ha Ha”

Sharath said,”Ok, how is your new venture?”

Sethuram said,”It is fine only”

Sharath said,”I don’t want anyone to know that I have  co-ordinated for Thilsen’s termination”

Sethuram said,”No, I won’t even breathe out your name”

Sharath said,”Ok that is good, bye”
Sethuram said,”Bye”