Night passed. All the students were so tired that they slept soundlessly. Next morning they woke up and got ready to see Shimla. Mini was very small but still, time and circumstances had made her mature before her age. Unlike other fellow-mates, she loved silence and the unspoken words of nature. She would often gaze at the beauty of nature and seemed to have lost herself in it.

The days passed without any change in Mini. She used to love her silence and was completely lost in its illusion. Miss Chowdhary tried her best to make Mini speak or cry, but all her work were in vain.

The tour ended. Mini returned home on October 24, Her trip was wonderful but unsuccessful as far as Miss Chowdhary and the Saxenas were concerned.

Days passed. Ravi had to go outstation on a business trip.

“Nisha, hurry up, I am getting late,” he said picking up his suitcase.

“Ok! I am coming. Ah … here are your car keys,” she said hurry up.

“Bye Mini,” Ravi said giving her a smile. She did not reply.

“Ok! Bye Nisha and take care.”

“I will. Do not worry,” Nisha answered.

Ravi went to the airport in his car. It was already 9:30 at night. Mini and Nisha came in and after their dinner, they were going to sleep when the telephone rang.

Trin-in-Trin- in.

“Hello,” Nisha said picking up the receiver.

“Hello, Mrs. Saxena? It’s urgent. I am speaking of Sadar Hospital. Mr. Saxena has met with a serious accident. He is in the ICU Please come quickly,” someone answered from the other side of the telephone. These words startled Nisha so much that she left the receiver and dashed into her room. She got her purse and along with Mini she came to the Sadar Hospital.

“Nurse, may I know where Mr. Ravi Saxena is?” Nisha asked.

“Just a minute Mr … Mr. Ravi Saxena. Red Maruti 800 car, serious accident. He is in the ICU. Third, from the left of the corridor,” she answered pointing in the direction of the ward. Nisha and Mini went running there.

“Doctor, I am Mrs. Saxena. How is Ravi?” Nisha asked in a shaky voice.

“Mrs. Saxena. I have to talk to you. Mr. Saxena’s condition is critical. He has been seriously injured. His collarbone is fractured. The right side is paralyzed right femur bone of his leg is broken. And most important, his skull has sustained minor injuries. At this time, an operation is really very important to save his life,” the doctor explained to Nisha.

“Do not worry about the money, doctor. Start the operation. I’ll get the money,” Nisha said.

“Then it’s fine. Nurse take the patient to the operation theater,” the doctor said to the nurse. “Mrs. Saxena please come with me. I’ll give you the form to be filled, “He replied directing Nisha to the respective office.

“Nurse, what happened?” Nisha inquired as the nurse stepped out of the operation theater.

“The doctor is still operating,” she replied and went away.

All this commotion had caused great disturb within Mini. Nisha’s pale, drained face had terrified her. Tears rolled down Nisha cheeks. She was really shaken and disheartened by Ravi’s accident. Mini, who was watching all this carefully, melted at the sight. She placed herself close to Nisha.

Mini could not bear to see Nisha’s sad face, the face which once glowed with happiness and joy was totally disturbed. Mini now realized that Vista was really a good mother. The face which was never oppressed was now filled with tears with the hard cruelty of circumstances. She could feel that motherly love just now.

“Mummy,’ Mini cried. Mini’s words startled Nisha so much that she could hardly believe her ears. She was crying, bringing tears to Mini’s with grief. Nisha was an overwhelmed with joy- with grief. She hugged Mini close to her heart and cried aloud. Mini too could not stop her tears from flowing. Both of them were deeply engrossed in the flow of emotions.

It was 2 o’clock at night. Mini was sleeping on the bench.

“Doctor,” Nisha called out when she saw the doctor coming out of the operation theater “How is Ravi?” She inquired.

“We have tried our best. The operation successful. But we can not say anything till morning. You can go home and come back in the morning,” the doctor advised Nisha. Nisha went home with Mini and returned to the hospital in the morning.

“Doctor, how is Ravi?” Nisha asked as soon as she saw him.

“He is ok. He has regained consciousness but he can not talk. It will take some time for him to come back to normal. But something is there which is concerning us. His ECG report is not satisfactory. His heartbeat is too fast. If this does not slow down then … then, “he hesitated.

“Then what doctor? ‘Nisha inquired becoming serious.

“Then … his life is in danger,” the doctor answered. A deadly silence fell.

“A…may I see Ravi?” Nisha asked breaking the silence.

“Oh! Sure,” the doctor said and went to see his other patients.

“Ravi,” Nisha said, gently putting her hand on his forehead. “See who has come,” Nisha said bringing Mini close to Ravi.

“Papa,” Mini said. Though Ravi was not well, his face lit up at these words. He glanced at Mini with love and affection. A slight smile flickered on his face.

From that day there was remarkable progress in Ravi’s condition.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Saxena, Ravi’s heartbeat is normal again. Thanks to Him, who saved Ravi, “the doctor reported to Nisha after his routine check-up. яндекс

“He’ll soon be ok,” the doctor said.

“Thank you, doctor,” Nisha said.

Ravi knew what had brought back to life. It was Mini.

In a few months, Ravi had recovered from his weakness. Mini too had recovered from her deadly silence. They returned home happily. Ravi and Nisha had found their lost child and Mini her lost parents. Though Mini missed Simmi, yet she could feel her presence close to her heart Now they were happy. Happier than they were before.