Sometimes it easy to read, but feeling the pain of the person is hard to define. Its Easy to judge people on basis of their character, but hard to live in their place.

 She didn’t knew how to react and suddenly the another strike came upon her when the elder brother started to do the same with her. She was now physically abused by both of the brothers one used to touch her b***s and kiss her and the other used to insert figures on her private area. She used to be in such a pain and always used to come home and close the doors and check her private parts as she felt pain and used to check if she was bleeding or not she used to get bruises on her chest and tried to hide her from everyone as she was scared that the family and relatives will get one more reason to say bad things and accuse her mom. And this wasn’t the only thing, she used to go to her father’s shop with her brother before tuition where she was physically harassed by a shopkeeper who had a shop beside her father. He was a old man whom her father trusted and left her with him to play he used to make her sit on her lap and touch her private parts. At that small age that girl faced a devastating truth of human which she was unable to understand.

Where she was on one side treated unequally in family and on the other side was being physically abuse by three men, and she didn’t knew what was happening with her. Her mind which was empty and her age which was of playing with friend and siblings was now going through all this and she had no one to talk to, because she knew she has no one who could understand her as she always felt lonely. It continued for several months and she was blankly going through it. whereas his parents where busy in their own duties to fulfill so they couldn’t even see the pain the little one was going through. Her Mom busy with the torture given by the family members and her Father busy an earning money and working whole day to give us a normal life.

On a one fine day her mother noticed the bruises on her body and took her to a room to talk to her and asked her about the bruises and told her to say the truth. She was hesitant at first but then she told everything to her mother…….

To be Continued…