This is the Story of a Girl called “Pihu”. She is a cute and simple girl and this is like her personal diary through we can know about pihu, her family, friends and other things.


Pihu, a 18 years Old Girl

As soon as her school education got over pihu’s friends were busy in preparing for the entrance exams. But pihu did not worry about that. Because she does not want to pursue engineering or medical and she got admission in an arts and science college. Now she has to take care of herself.

Pihu’s 1st Day at College

Pihu entered the college premises and asked the girls who are standing near the front office desk about her classroom. They said they are also enquiring about the same class room.

Hi, I am Tia, she is Preethi, Clara, and Reena.

Hi   I am Pihu.

Ok come on Pihu, let us go to our class.

Pihu finally entered the class room. She has managed to talk with the other girls in the class. They were also feeling shy like Pihu. The first 1 hour of the class got over. Pihu and the other students were instructed to go the library for the next hour. So she went there and got some books to read. But she could not concentrate in the book as she started to think about her childhood.

When Pihu was 14 years Old             

Just a month back Pihu attained puberty and she has noticed some changes in her body. She became more beautiful and so she has to face more difficulties whenever she has to confront with the boys.

Pihu faced some difficulties whenever she travels to her school. She will not go by vehicle. She would walk for 20 minutes to reach her school. In the nearby shops she had noticed few boys. According to pihu they were like her classmates. But for them pihu is a special girl. They know the school time of pihu, so they started to wait for her. Till pihu passed by their shops the boys would look at her and comment about her looks.

After couple of days pihu got irritated because she could not ignore those boys as she has to go by that way only to reach her school. So she went to her mom and said “mom why all the boys are staring at me? Should I need to scold them if they comment about me? Pihu’s mom got scared and said “pihu just go on your way, don’t listen to their comments. If they misbehave with you then get help from the nearby people.

Pihu could not understand why she should not scold them? Why she should wait till they start to misbehave with her?

Pihu at the College

Now pihu remember those incidents. At that time she didn’t like the boys, but for now she has to befriend with the boys in her class. She began to talk with her classmates. One of them was abhishek. He was not that much bold like the other boys but he is a well behaved boy compared to others.

Hi pihu, what are you doing? Abhishek asked her.

I am trying to read a book, but I couldn’t?

Why pihu?

Just because of old memories.

Ok. Pihu, would you like to join me for a cup of coffee?

Ok.  I also need coffee. We can go now.

Both of them find a place in college cafeteria.

Abhishek started to tell about himself and his wish to join in this course.

At the end of this conversation he said. “Pihu, you are so beautiful”.

Pihu didn’t surprised by his comment. Because she knew that she is beautiful.

Thank you abhishek

At the end of first day of college abhishek was the boy whom she can call as a decent guy.

Pihu’s college was near to her home. So she decided to walk. When she was walking she had noticed a family who was living near to the college. A man in that home began to scold and beat his wife. His wife screamed and started scolding her husband. When pihu hear those arguments she remembers her childhood incident.

Pihu’s Childhood

Pihu at the Age of 10

Pihu wake up from the bed on Sunday morning 8.00 A.M.  She is only 10 yrs old and she wants to continue with her sleep. But she cannot do that. She has to complete lot of home works which is pending from the previous day.

Pihu finished her breakfast and started doing her school works. After one hour she noticed that her mom and dad are fighting with each other. She wants to know the reason why they are fighting. But from their heated arguments she could not understand anything. Pihu’s mom would always say her dad was abusing her.

Though Pihu knows the meaning of abuse she couldn’t understand why her dad was doing that. So she insisted her mom to stop talking with her dad.

Mom, if dad behaves similarly then we both will go to our relative’s home.  But pihu’s mom said “Pihu, we cannot do that. Even if we do like that we can stay there only for few days. So Pihu asked “mom then give punishment to dad”. Her mom smiled and said “Pihu, we should not do that, it’s our fate”.

But Pihu could not understand why her mom cannot give punishment. If she or any of her classmates didn’t do the homework then her teacher would give punishment. But her mom was not ready to give punishment for her dad who is abusing her.

At the age of 10 Pihu could not understand the meaning of those words. But after several years pihu can able to understand and feel the pain of her mom.

Now Pihu thinks why every husband and wife are fighting with each other? What would be the reason? Don’t they love each other? Should I need to marry someone in my life? How can I find the perfect guy? Pihu really got confused.

Will Pihu find her life partner in the college?

To be continued……

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