Letter Number 1 – September 2015

Dear Ryder,

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,

I am writing a letter to you!


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Okay, this is not exactly the right way to start a letter, but I couldn’t think of anything interesting to start it with and hence this. You must be wondering who in their right mind would waste their time in writing letters to you in the age of emails and texts, right?

Well you see I have been going through really tough times and my therapist told me that I should try something new to get better. He told me to choose a friend, someone I trust very much. After that he wanted me to write letters to that friend.  But the problem is that I have friends but they aren’t exactly real friends. Just some people I spend my day with and talk to when needed. I don’t necessarily trust them.

In fact, I don’t think I trust anyone except my parents. I have issues, as you may have understood already and due to those issues I don’t trust easily. So I was at a loss. I didn’t trust any friend. Writing letters about my pains and sorrows to any of them would be a big NO! And I can’t possibly write a letter to my parents because they already know my problems and are trying their best to help me.

At this moment you must be scratching the back of your head wondering where you fit into all of this.

Ryder’s eyes widened when he realised he was doing just that. He paused and looked around the room. Was this person watching him? He sprung up from the bed and checked around his room for any hidden cameras. When he found none, he just shook his head and sat back on the bed and went back to reading the letter.

And at this moment you must be looking for hidden cameras in your room, right? Ryder was surprised but he didn’t stop reading.

Don’t worry! There are no cameras. I promise. I’m no stalker. I’m your letter friend. I know all this because I’ve been observing you for many months now and I know all your peculiar habits by heart! Crazy right? I watched you every day and learnt things bit by bit.

I actually took a whole month to observe you and learn about what you do, where you go and where you live. Well, I already knew where you live. I just wanted to confirm it once again.

Okay, maybe that was a bit stalker-ish, but what could I do, I had to know the person I would write the letters to.

So after that whole month of snooping about I decided to start writing the letters once final year of school commenced. It was the perfect plan. One letter every month and by graduation, you would know who I am. I had initially decided to post the letters right after I wrote them, but I changed my mind. I decided to give them to you only when I had written all of them. I couldn’t have you looking for me before I finished. That would just destroy the whole process of me getting better.

You see, every time I will write to you, I will become a wee bit stronger, a wee bit braver and a wee bit better. So ten letters Ryder. These ten letters will contain one confession about me and one problem I face and you will help me get through each one of them, even if you don’t know about it yet. I hope you will stay by my side.

I’ll tell you everything. I’ll answer every question you now have in your head, But one letter at a time.

So that when you finally read it, you’ll know that you were my anchor.

You already know my first problem, which is, I can’t trust easily.

And the confession number one is

I am a girl Ryder, and I go to your School.

Have a great month.

With love,

 Letter Friend

And at the end of the letter was a photograph. It was of Ryder getting out of his car in the school parking lot, and it looked as if someone had taken the photo of the parking lot from inside the school building.