Even in this world of advanced technology, letters hold a special place in our hearts. 

On the morning of Graduation Ryder West found a bundle of letters lying on his doorstep. There were exactly ten of them and all of them were addressed to him. 

Letters. Who would want to write letters in this era where technology is thriving? And why would someone write letters to him? Ryder was confused. But there was also a weird feeling of excitement within him. What could they contain?

His Graduation ceremony would start at 12 and it was only 8:30 am according to the clock in his drawing room. He had plenty of time. He would have read all the ten letters by the time he had to leave.

Ryder ran up the stairs with the bundle of letters and went straight to his room. After making sure that the door to his room was locked, so that nobody could barge in and disturb him, he flung himself on the bed and carefully sorted the envelopes. 

Each envelope had a month written on the top right hand corner. The person who had sent the letters had written one letter every month. The first letter was written in September the year before and Ryder was surprised to realize that this person had written a letter every month of his final year in high school. His final year had started in September and ended in mid-June and here he was going to graduate on the last day of June.

He was extremely curious to know who would take the pain of writing letter to him every month. Was it someone he knew? What did these letters contain? Were they secrets of some sort? Ryder wanted to rip open all the envelopes and dive into the contents of the letters but he was afraid to know what they might contain. 

What if it was someone dangerous, someone who wanted to black mail him? No he was being stupid. They couldn’t be dangerous. The envelopes were pink and blue which would mean whoever wrote it, must be a girl, he thought. Ryder kept staring at the envelopes intently and suddenly something struck him.

They were love letters!

The moment he realized what they were, he almost fell off the bed. Someone had written love letters to him? He didn’t have any friends. He was the school’s loner. But why hadn’t the person posted them right after writing them? Why wait till the day of graduation? 
If they really were love letters, who could the person writing them be? He had never been able to catch any girl’s attention.

He didn’t look bad. But he was quiet and anti-social. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t know what love was. He might have been a loner, but he too was capable of special feelings. But the person he had these feelings for was at the top of the social ladder. 

And he was too far below to ever reach it. She was beautiful. Her name was Carol Winters. She was the Head Girl and had millions of boys kissing the earth she walked on. Be she had no clue about it. She was different. Not the usual rude and mean Queen Bee. She was sweet and helpful and had no idea how beautiful she was. 

But Ryder could never tell her that. He never had the courage to confess his feelings to her. And he was absolutely sure that Carol would never be interested in someone like him. She deserved someone far better. 

The sound of a car passing by broke Ryder out of his reverie. He looked back at the letter in his hand. Even if they weren’t love letters why would someone write to him? He just could not wrap this fact around his head. Could someone actually like him? He had wasted a lot of time pondering over what ifs. He would just have to read them to solve the mystery.

He tore open the envelope and slid the letter out on the bed. Taking a deep breath he started reading the first letter in the bundle.