Who is important for you? For whom are you important? These two questions fairly sum up every individual’s life.

If you have people who make you feel important, involved and loved you are happy. You love those people back and care for them.  This builds up a confidence in you that yes you are needed, you are wanted, if you would cease to exist it would matter to someone.

Now what happens if you care for someone, make them feel important and no one is there to do the same for you? This creates a hole in the heart. Nothing gives you the happiness that you crave for. Because you do not matter, no one would care if you are not there. What is the importance of your life then?

Having a reason to live is the greatest motivation for anyone. We are capable of many things and once a loved one becomes a motivation factor and we can achieve great heights. This is because there is someone feeling happy for us.

But when we are alone and we succeed, who do we share that with?

So it is important to open our hearts and let there be as many people in your lives as possible. Do not just blindly trust anyone but do not take people for granted. Good and ever lasting people are rare to find so cherish the ones you have. Go out with them, make them feel that YES they are important to you.

Make time for you parents as no one can ever love you the way they do. Talk to them. They will at least try to understand you. Do not close the gates of your heart just to keep it safe. Yes there is a lot of hurt and pain out there but a lot of love is also waiting for you. Do not hold grudges, forgive when someone asks for forgiveness and keep your heart light. Do what you desire and have no regrets because that is the only way to live.

Make everyone your friend and help someone you know needs help but would not ask for it. Even I am here to help anyone who needs a friend to listen to them. Message me new friends!