India is a country where women are worshiped as goddess and at the same time molested, ill- treated and are forced to go through what is not meant to happen. Sometimes a father, friend, brother or a relative do the same and the one who suffers from it has to continue her life in the same way. The criminal doesn’t get punished but it’s the girl who is looked down upon. Why is it so in this society? Is it what a man taught while getting education in school or is it the mentality that discriminates a gentleman from the whole lot of men in our society? By gentleman, I here doesn’t mean one who is nicely dressed, earns a lot and doesn’t have even the basic moral values. A gentleman is the one who respects all women irrespective of the relation he has with her. He should treat women equally as any of his male colleagues or even the seniors. Just because you are working under a woman doesn’t mean you are dominated by a gender that is inferior to you. Though the situation has improved a lot but there is still a lot to be improved in our society.

There are still homes in which women suffers from domestic violence. Do you really agree that you will be blessed if you disrespect the lady in your home and worship goddess Durga? Even she wants respect of every girl and Lady you come across. Respecting every women in fact every person on this earth is just a small gesture to offer your respect to the God and get His blessings. It’s the right time to improve upon you if you need to otherwise that time will surely come when you’ll have to regret.

So let me begin with the introduction of the one this story revolves around. She was a girl named Naina. She lived in a small family of five members. Along with her parents, she had a younger sister and an elder brother. She wasn’t educated because it was the time when the girls were only taught the domestic or household works and none was sent to a teacher to be taught any subject. His brother used to go to school and after coming he used to give basic education to her. Gradually, she learned the basic lessons like reading and counting numbers. This is the basic knowledge one has to have nowadays but in that time it was more than enough for a girl. That’s why Naina didn’t take the next step towards her education. Her elder sister, Renu didn’t have intentions to study even the basic things. She was more interested in doing household works and all such things.

She lived in a village where there wasn’t good facility of water, transportation and other such basic needs. She was elder of the two sisters thus she was the one responsible for her mother’s help in getting water filled in buckets as she turned 10. She was a beautiful girl. Her inner beauty lies in the fact that she helped everyone who came on her way. She shared her food with the needy people. These were the values given to her by her parents. Gradually time was passing. She enjoyed her life the way it was. But since there is always the  society and the people who give  their views on  whatever come across. And the time had come when society started  speaking of her marriage.

Since she was born decades ago, she had to go through an arranged marriage in an early age. The age had to be 15 at that time but her father convinced her family members who eagerly wanted her to be married. She was married to a man named Sumit in her village who was rich. He had his own cottage industry. But he wasn’t a well behaved man.

After their marriage, Naina lacked love in her life. She thought he is a good man but the reality was just the opposite.

Her life had turned upside down. Sumit was a low a tempered man. He used to get angry on every issue and he suffered from mood swings too. Sometimes he loved her a lot but mostly he beated her.

He was alcoholic.  He came home drunk daily and do every bad thing  including abuse,  disrespect her and make her ashamed in  the society. Some months  passed and she gave birth to twins. They were both girls. She was happy for  the same but her mother-in-law wanted a boy. Next time, it was a girl too. Sumit’s mother started blaming Naina  for this. Even she began treating her badly. She felt so lonely. She told about this to her parents. Her mother asked her to compromise. Is it something to be done by a  woman only? When we talk about love, compromise has to be from both the sides equally. The society has to understand this. The society is no more male-dominated and everyone has to accept  this fact to proceed  in life.

She used to cry in her room with her daughters. They were too young to understand the  reason of her tears and Naina didn’t even wanted them to know that. Life was  still going  and she was  still waiting the miracles to happen as she believed in the miracles of God.